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Education cats.

Cats - wayward and interesting in its own animals.

They require a special relationship to himself. Raising these animals - it is responsible and troublesome.

Pet Master need to be patient and persistent.

education Regulations

1) Do not hit the cat.

Never do this! Pet can be very afraid and again leave a puddle in the wrong place. Cat should not beat crumpled newspaper or other objects with light. On another occasion, cat, seeing you will flee, running away from you. Of course, when the cat misbehaves, for example, sitting on the table, you have to react strongly. Remove it from the table and say: "It is impossible" This will be enough to make her understand the ban. If the cat scratches, it hissed at her for a cat. The cat will understand this as a sign of "Come on, come on!"

2) At the crime scene.

If the cat has made a bad deed, do not scold her because she can not understand what you criticize it. From this it becomes fearful and can be unscrupulous or be scratched.

3) Praise the cat.

Praise is useful if you praise the animal after its action. In the future, the cat will try harder to perform good deeds, for example, to catch a mouse.

4) Keep your distance.

If the cat is impossible to wean from the bad mannersshouting "it is impossible!", then use the method of intimidation. For example, a loud bang. But it is impossible that the cat has learned that the source of the sound is terrible master himself. Before you make a noise that will frighten her, you need to hide.

5) Patience and time.

If you want to re-educate or train a cather for what she is afraid of you, it is desirable to have patience. Do not rush it, praise whenever she made a brave deed, do not pay attention to its failures and never show the form that you are angry at her.

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