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How to edit html code


How to edit html code</a>

Instructions for the HTML language (HyperText Markup Language- "HyperText markup language") are sent by the web server at the request of the visitor's browser of the site page and contain full information about what and how the browser should show the visitor to this page. Today these instructions are most often formed by server-side scripts, and are not stored in the finished form in files.

If the need to edit the HTML-code, and not the scripts that generate it, still arises, then it can be done with the help of different tools.



Use the system page editorControl the site to edit the source HTML-code. To do this, after loading the desired page into the editor, you must switch it from the visual mode (which is sometimes called WYSIWYG mode) to the HTML editing mode. Having done this, you will get access directly to the instructions ("tags") of the markup language. However, using the visual mode, you also change the HTML tags, though, by doing this with the "hands" of the page editor.


Use any text editor to makeChanges in the HTML code of the pages, if your site does not have a management system. The files storing this code differ from the usual text files only by extension, and the format of the recording exactly corresponds to the file format with the extension txt. Therefore, any text editor that can work with txt-files, you can use to edit the HTML-code.


Install any specialized editorHTML-code, if you plan to make the page layout quite regularly. Such programs are significantly different from ordinary text editors and from editors installed in the management system. For example, they have "context-prompt" functions, that is, when you start typing an HTML tag, the editor offers you the choice of the most suitable options, which greatly speeds up the set, reduces the number of typos and helps you learn the syntax of the language faster. In addition, such programs can format and colorize the input code, look for errors in the syntax, check compliance with established standards. Many specialized applications of this kind have a mode of visual editing and preview of the pages, they are able to independently upload the created pages to the server, synchronize local and remote versions of HTML pages and much more.

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