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How to edit an old photo

How to edit an old photo

Old pictures can cause not only a sense of nostalgia.

The man who owns the program Adobe Photoshop, they can induce an immediate retouching.

You will need

  • - Adobe Photoshop.



Open the desired photo: click the menu item "File» (File) - & gt- «Open» (Open), select the file and click "Open". Then follow overview of the tools, with which you can edit old photos, as well as how to properly handle them.


With the "patch" tool (shortcutJ, switching between adjacent elements - Shift + J) is convenient to replace large portions of the image. Depending on which item is selected in the setting tool, the "Source" or "Destination", and a method of changing work. If the first ( "Source"), you must first cut around the problem area, then drag it to the place where there is "material for the patch." If the second "Appointment", on the contrary, you first stroke the very "stuff", and then move it to the problem area.


Tool "Spot Healing Brush"best to use when you need to fix some very small defect, for example, point. It works as follows: when you gloss over the problem area, for example, the band bending, brush analyzes the surrounding area and provides the result is already based on them. Experiment with items "Consistently. approximation "," Creating Textures "and" Taking into account the content "(they are in the tool settings) to achieve the desired effect.


Tool "stamp" similar to "patch" - both of themborrow "material" of the undamaged regions. However, "Stamp" brush works on the principle, and not cut. Hold the Alt key and click once with the left mouse button in an area that will serve as a "material". Release the Alt key and start painting over the problem area. As you can see, this site takes the same shape, as well as his "generous neighbor." By the way, if you get carried away, it is possible to draw at this point an exact copy of the "neighbor".


To save the result, click the shortcuts Ctrl + Shift + S, in the next window, select the path, enter the name, set the desired format for the file and click "Save".

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