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How to edit a newspaper


The editor is an orderly person</a>

The word "editing" comes from the lat. Redactus, i.e. "Put in order".

Accordingly, the editor - a person in charge of order in any author's work (article, book, film, etc.).

When it comes to editing the text, the order has to be set in a different way: meaningful, stylistic, grammatical, factual, etc.

You will need

  • In the best case, a special education. For example, higher philological. And accordingly: the knowledge of genres and styles of language (publicistic, popular science, artistic), literacy, erudition, knowledge of the specifics of the publication, in which the editor has to work.



Read the article, rate her viewsContent. If you understand that the article is not enough facts, specific information on the topic, then the topic is not fully disclosed. Tell the journalist about this, indicate what aspects of the problem he did not touch, suggest your options for improvement or finalize yourself.

Content, analyticity, author's individuality are important components of any text


Estimate the text in terms of volume. If you found unnecessary repetitions in the text, weak arguments, excessive details - boldly delete them. Reduce the text boldly, but make sure that the main meaning of the article is preserved. And otherwise, if you feel the lack of examples, the details in the article - add them to make the article more informative.

Remember, for whom the article is intended! In accordance with this, choose a style, genre, etc.


When reading, pay attention to the consistency of the genre,Logic of narration. Also, watch the compositional fullness of the article - in the text there should be an introductory, basic and final parts. Check the article from the point of view of vocabulary - whether all words are combined, whether the synonyms, phraseological units are correctly chosen. Watch for style - is the author not confused in using words belonging to different styles of the language, are there words in the article that are used in the wrong meaning?

The newspaper is one of the main sources of information, even for the youngest readers

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