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Prophecies of Edgar Cayce

The prophecies of Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce - American psychic and fortune teller.

He was born in an ordinary family farmers March 18, 1877. Throughout his life he has made more than 26 000 prophecies on a variety of topics.

He was known as the "sleeping prophet" because Casey was a member of the trance state, which is reminiscent of a waking dream. Died American predictor of January 3, 1945.

Some of his prophecies have already come true.

The greatest prophet of the XX century has made some very interesting prophecy concerning the future of Russia.

Forecasts Casey, who has already come true

In the 20s of the last century Casey makes morepredictions about future world events. He accurately predicted the two world wars with the exact start and end. He also accurately described the crash on the American Stock Exchange in 1929, and the beginning of the US economic recovery since 1933.

Casey accurately predicted, in which year Indiato become independent, and that the new government will be on the political map of the world - Israel. Back in the forties of the twentieth century American prophet he said that the era of communism in Russia is over, and the country once again turn to faith in God. However, in Russia broke out a deep economic crisis, but it is well out of it will come out with money, which will be written: "We believe in God."

Unusual Casey predictions about China

Casey said that China will become a Christiancountry. He will present the cradle of faith in Christ. However, according to human standards should take a long time, but this time God will one day.

Predictions about the Casey US

About his homeland Casey said that the US willaggravated interracial and social contradictions. Back in the 30s of XX century Casey spoke about global warming and climate change. Los Angeles and New York in part to disappear from the face of the earth, and the states of Carolina and Georgia so all perish into oblivion. Volcanoes wake up in Hawaii and the California coast would be completely under water.

Casey predictions about Russia

Russia Casey in their prophecies called "brown bear". And thanks to Russia in the hope of the world to come. This happens due to the development of religious and spiritual revival of the country.

In 2010, according to forecasts Casey, it wasplace the revival of the Soviet Union. Of course, this prediction does not come true, but not necessarily because the Soviet Union was to appear again in its original form.

WWIII Casey predicted. Instead of a global armed confrontation Earth will find numerous natural disasters.

Center for reviving civilization will be in Western Siberia

Global natural disaster planet will change beyond recognition. Russia will suffer much less than other countries. Western Siberia will become a very attractive place to stay.

Casey will return to Earth in 2100

In 2000, there was the exhumation of the remains of Edgar Cayce, under which the securities have been discovered hitherto unknown recordings of this unusual man.

Casey himself has repeatedly said that he personally verify the truth of his predictions, reborn in Nebraska in 2100.

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