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Easter week: what can and can not do, rituals and traditions

Easter week: what can and can not do, rituals and traditions

The period from the Resurrection to the Red hill called in the Orthodox Holy Week (Easter Week).

These days are characterized by mass festivities, as well as its signs and tradition.

All Easter in Orthodox churchesheld a special liturgy. All this time the deacon's doors and the altar gates remain open. It is a symbol of what the resurrected Jesus opened the doors of the kingdom of heaven (paradise) for the believers.

In addition, almost continuously in these daysbells ringing. That's because on the long tradition of everyone - from toddlers to elders - will be able to climb the tower and their own hands to announce the countryside chime, sharing in this way with other believers Paschal joy.

What you can and can not do on the Easter week

All Bright Week, according to Orthodox tradition,It should be devoted to entertainment. These days accepted to go to each other's homes and feast-fasting meal. In contrast to the Pancake Week, the Easter is not encouraged unbridled joy. No frills food and, especially, fistfights should not be.

At Easter week it is necessary to go to thecemetery and remember the deceased. there are two days for this event - Monday and Thursday. There is an opinion that it is in these days of Bright Week the souls of dead people at a time back to earth to live together with the resurrection of Christ, rejoice.

Meanwhile, the Orthodox Church does not approvethe memories of the dead on Easter Week, which is why in churches these days are not held commemoration. Church motivates its decision by the fact that Easter - a celebration of life and the mention of the death will be superfluous.

Rites and beliefs Easter week

Easter will complete another holiday,which is popularly referred to as the Red hill. For centuries it was the most popular day for marriage. In many Russian cities during Bright Week are organized parades newlyweds. At this time held ceremonies connected with the conclusion of marriage.

Thus, it is believed that the girl was able to bring the marriage, if the first time to get to the bell tower and ring the bell.

According to popular belief, if the child will bein the light of the Easter week, he will have good health. She will retain her beauty, if Feeds of water, which was painted Easter egg. It is also believed that during the week must be at least once to give alms to the poor, to the whole year in the family had money.

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