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Happy Easter. Decorate Easter Eggs

Feast of Easter. Decorate Easter Eggs

Decoupage technique is famous for its colorful and easy to perform. Easter egg made in this technique will always look picturesque and unusual.

Now there are a lot of napkins for the holiday table, which we will need, so in the selection of the picture you will not be restricted.

Such eggs you boldly, without hesitation, be able to give to friends, relatives and friends.

You will need

  • Cooked white and brown eggs, napkins with different patterns, PVA glue, water, semolina, food dyes - at your discretion.



For starters, you need a good wash with boiled eggs, degrease them in dishwashing detergent.


Cut image of towels or breakunnecessary. 2 Remove unnecessary white layer. If the pattern of beige tones with fuzzy lines, that is to glue it on the brown eggs if the other colors, it is necessary to glue the white.


Carved figure to attach to the egg. Start with white glue stick from the middle to the edges of the picture, lightly. If wrinkling cloth to lift and align. After a complete application image to dry.


Empty seats can be decorated semolina. To do this, apply PVA glue to this space, then sprinkle grains, unnecessary shake, allow to dry.
Alternatively, the same place gild. To do this, you take the gold paint, poppy sponge and apply it to the egg.


You can also add a picture or draw the details of the image.

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