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EASTER customs and traditions


Easter customs and traditions</a>

Preparation for Easter begins on Holy Week from Monday to Saturday.



On this day you need to start cleaning in the house. A special place is given to washing windows. Since ancient times, it was believed that the clean windows let the light of the holiday into the house.


According to old customs on this day it was supposed to do "milk of milk". Tolkley hemp and flaxseed, mixed with water and drank cattle. To protect her from all kinds of diseases.


In the middle of Holy Week, our ancestors also collected thawed water, planted salt in it and sprinkled their dwellings, livestock, so that there would be no evil eye for the whole year.


Great Thursday is also called Clean. On this day it is customary to carefully clean the house and decorate it, but not revenge (you can sweep it from Monday to Wednesday). A little clean water you need to stock up on Sunday to wash her face.
On this day you need to count all the money three times to live all year without need. By the way, for the same reason, from Thursday until Easter, nothing is given from the house or carried out.


The heaviest day when they crucified Christ. On this day, believers must strictly fast and pray a lot.
On Friday, bake cakes and color eggs. Keep the eggs until Sunday in the refrigerator.


On this day from morning to night temples carry Easter cakes, Easter eggs and eggs to consecrate them.
If someone did not manage to bake cakes, it can be done on Saturday. But not on Sunday.


Instead of "Good Morning", waking up, it is customary for all his relatives and friends to say "Christ is Risen!"
Start the day with washing with the fourth water,Putting something silver in it. Such washing will bring beauty and prosperity. And then the Easter feast. It begins with consecrated eggs. It is believed that this custom strengthens the family.

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