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Cuff earrings, fashionable and original

Confidently holds the leading position in the market of fashion accessories, have become lately earrings Cuff.

Cuff - this earring, which is attached to the ear without a puncture, keeping on ear special bow, or use double mount: to puncture and BTE loop.

The principle of fixing these original jewelry - not a fruit of imagination of contemporary designers. Even in ancient times Kaffa appeared frequently on ears fashionistas, as evidenced by the frescoes and paintings.
East Indian beauty constructed in their ears the whole composition of the gold ornaments, precious stones and feathers, which were held on the BTE bracket.

Nowadays, Caffa earrings revived in the 50s of the last century as part of a subculture "rock" and "punk", and, as a rule, men wore them.

Now models with Cuff variety of designs, types can be seen in the best fashion shows.
There just are not seeing the masterpieces in the ears of the models,from elegant pendants made of gold with inlays of precious stones to masshabnyh facilities (otherwise they will not name) of leather, feathers and abstract designs, very massive.

However, no matter how massive it is, the earalmost does not feel its weight, since the load is evenly distributed over the entire ear (BTE due to attachment). With this earring can go indefinitely without experiencing discomfort. As a rule, they are only decoration on one's eye, zakalyvaya hair to one side. Sometimes a set of massive Kaffa is an elegant earring stud of the same material as the main decoration.

Now you can easily order your favorite Cuff Catalog. It can be made from both precious metals and alloys costume jewelery for every taste and budget.

Ear-Kaffa surprisingly democratic. Ladies of any age can pick up a suitable accessory. These earrings are suitable for any type of event, from a hike on the job and ending with an evening cocktail or a youth party.

Their original form surprisingly enhances the beauty of graceful female abalone, its gentle curves. Pendants harmonize beautifully with flowing hair and a slender neck lengthen.
Accessories Cuff accentuate the style of clothes selected and will present his master in a very advantageous form.

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