Earring-cuff, fashionable and original</a>

Confidently occupying a leading position in the market of fashion accessories, the earring-kuffs are becoming lately.

A cuff is an earring that is attached to the ear without a puncture, being held on the auricle with a special shackle, or a double fastening is used: in the puncture and with a breech loop.

The principle of fastening these original ornaments is by no means the fetus of the imagination of modern designers. Even in ancient times, cuffs often appeared on the ears of women of fashion, as evidenced by frescoes and drawings.
Oriental Indian beauties built on their ears entire compositions of gold jewelry, precious stones and feathers, which were held on the BTE mount.

In our time earring kaffs were revived in the 50s of the last century as part of the subcultures "rock" and "punk", and, as a rule, they were worn by men.

Now models with kuffs of various designs, species can be seen on the shows of the best fashion designers.
What kind of masterpieces you will not see in the ears of models,Starting from elegant pendants made of gold with inserts from precious stones to mass-scale constructions (in other words, they can not be called) from leather, feathers and abstract designs, very massive.

However massive as it may be, the earPractically does not feel its weight, as the load is evenly distributed throughout the auricle (due to the breech attachment). With such an earring you can walk as long as you like, without any inconvenience. As a rule, the ornament is worn only on one ear, stamping the hair on one side. Sometimes in the kit a massive cuff comes an elegant cat-earring made of the same material as the main decoration.

Now you can easily order your favorite catalog. It can be made both from precious metals, and from jewelry alloys, for every taste and purse.

Ear-cuffs are surprisingly democratic. Ladies of any age can choose a suitable accessory. These earrings are suitable for any event, from a hike to work and ending with an evening cocktail or a youth get-together.

Their original form surprisingly highlights the beauty of the elegant female ear, its gentle curves. Pendants beautifully blend with loose hair and extend the slender neck.
The accessories of the cuff emphasize the style of the chosen clothes and present their master in a very advantageous form.

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