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How to earn VKontakte votes


How to earn VKontakte votes</a>

Voices of Vkontakte are a kind of currency of this social network.

With the help of votes you can give a gift to another user, raise the rating, publish advertisements of advertising content, buy some updates in applications or even a real product.

They can be earned both legally and illegally.

Voices of Vkontakte are very convenient. They make the virtual world more diverse and full of new opportunities. Meanwhile, for some users they are of no value, and for others - they are extremely important. With the help of votes you can not only give gifts - colorful pictures - but also play a variety of games that are in this social network are in abundance. They can be given as many as you want. That's just getting them for free is not so simple.

The official way to receive free voices "Vkontakte"

To get even a few votes, you canUse special offers from Vkontakte. To do this, go to the "Settings", then open the "Balance" tab, click on the "Get votes" button and select the lowest option "Special offers".
In the window that appears, theThe present moment of the task, having fulfilled which, you can earn votes on the balance of "Vkontakte". The simplest of them is joining groups and adding applications whose creators have ordered advertising on a social network. The remaining tasks are performed, rather, not specifically to receive votes, but only as needed. The gift from the site is in this case only a bonus. Also offered are actions such as making a loan or credit card, making purchases in online stores, ordering air tickets, registering in online games. When the job is successfully executed, the specified number of votes is credited to the balance. It is recommended that you do not leave the group at all, or at least not before the deadline. If you still do this, the system will subtract the voice from the balance. In this case, there is a danger that access to special offers will be closed for the profile forever.

Other ways to earn votes "Vkontakte"

On the Internet there are resources where you canGet cherished voices, joining the Vkontakte community, telling about it by way of repost and inviting friends to them. Advertisers use this service to promote their resources. Sites of this kind are found quite often by those who are looking for earnings on the Internet or ways to earn votes "Vkontakte". Some of them also have a referral system, which allows you to increase earnings.

Purchase votes

Voices "Vkontakte" you can not only earnFree, but also to buy. True, this method is not entirely legal. There are special forums where you can find both a seller and a buyer of votes "Vkontakte".

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