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How to Make Voice VKontakte

How to make voice VKontakte

Voices "Vkontakte" - a kind of currency of the social network.

With the vote can give a present to someone, to raise the rating, publish advertising content ads, buy some updates for applications or even real goods.

They can earn both legally and illegally.

Voices "Vkontakte" is very convenient. They make the virtual world more diverse and full of new features. Meanwhile, they are of no value, and the other for some users - are extremely important. With the vote can not only give gifts - colorful images - but also play a variety of games that abound in this social network. They can give as much as necessary. That's just to get them is not so simple for free.

The official way to obtain free votes "Vkontakte"

To get at least a few votes can bespecial offers on "Vkontakte". To do this, go to "Settings", then open the tab "Balance", click on "Get Voice" and choose the bottom option "Special offers".
In the window that opens presented seem toThis time the task by doing that, you can earn votes on "Vkontakte" balance. The simplest of them - is joining the team and adding applications whose creators booked advertising on the social network. The rest of the tasks are carried out, more likely, not specifically for the vote, but only as needed. A gift from the site in this case is just a bonus. It also offers activities such as loan processing or credit card, shopping in online stores, order tickets, online gaming registration. When a job is successfully executed, the number of votes credited to the balance sheet. Recommended go no further groups, or at least not before the deadline. If you still do this, the system will deduct the voice of balance. In this case, there is a danger also that access to special offers will be closed for the profile forever.

Other ways to earn votes "Vkontakte"

On the Internet there are resources where you canget the cherished voice, engaging in "Vkontakte" community, talking about it and repost by inviting their friends. Advertisers use this service for the promotion of their resources. Sites of this kind are quite common for those looking for earnings in the Internet, or ways to make voting "Vkontakte". Some of them are still valid and referral system that allows you to increase earnings.

Buying votes

"Vkontakte" Voters can not only earnfree, but also to buy. However, this method is not quite legal. There are specific forums where you can find both the seller and the buyer votes "Vkontakte".

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