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Earn more or is more economical to live?

Earn more and more economical to live?

We know that money does not happen much.

But we want to live so that they have enough if not all, then at least for much of what is dreamed. Some people tend to earn more, others begin to save.

And each of them in their own right and wrong.

earn more

If you want to have more money, the conclusion seemedIt would be obvious: it is necessary to make more money! But to change jobs more prestigious and highly paid, or starting to work with renewed energy and getting more money, people sometimes remarked with surprise, that their ... still not enough.
This happens for the simple reason that,increasing revenues, man rises to a new rung of the social ladder, respectively, and the level of demand had increased. He wants to dress more prestigious, buying new home appliances models, new, more sophisticated gadgets, change the car, improves their living conditions, better and more diverse eats last.
And all this, he spends a lot more money thanbefore. Yes, now he can afford to vacation in Goa and not in Turkey, but it there are new dreams and desires, and to implement them need more funds.


Others are a proven way of reducing costs in order to more intelligently allocate available funds and thus afford some joy.
Of course, reasonable economy - it is rather good,rather than evil, but if a man puts himself in a very rigid framework, constantly indulging in the details, save on their desires, he voluntarily puts himself into a state of permanent stress. His desire to have the best products, food and other good things of life have not gone away, but it can implement only a few of them, and the pre-long time indulging in the implementation of their desires.

How to be?

In order not to feel deprived of life, there are two ways to solve the financial problems of personality.
One of them - the desire to combine and possibilitiesearn more with reasonable economy. In this case, a person can more easily manage their finances, afford little relief and sometimes meet small whim. And, at the same time, a reasonable approach to spending will not allow him to buy a new item just because it's "prestigious", "already have all", "like" and other similar reasons. Shopping with this approach will be carried out if this really is an objective necessity.
Another way - to learn to listen closely tothemselves, their desires and not let anyone and anything by manipulating them. For example, there is a significant difference, if a person wants to buy a new sofa because he is uncomfortable, kind of lost or broken, or because the old couch "is not fashionable." In the latter case, the desire to change it is dictated by a man from the outside, it is the opinion of friends, the media, the advertising industry, and has nothing to do with the internal needs of the person.
Only by learning to follow their true desires, man is able to understand what it is and how much it needs to live and how much money it needs it.

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