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How to earn money on the Gazelle

How to earn money on the Gazelle

The presence of such convenient car like Gazellegives an opportunity to provide yourself and your family a steady income, if you take this task responsibly and in compliance with all relevant requirements.

There are several ways to earn money on the Gazelle.

You can organize your business or get a specialist company to transport, which requires drivers with their own cars.



Organize your own business on the Transport. For this study the transport market, the current tariffs, activities, determine the range of potential customers. Assess your skills and abilities of your car and make a business plan.


Carefully check that all the necessary documents for the work: a driver's license, medical certificate, technical passport of the vehicle, a mandatory insurance.


Turn Gazelle in "fast technical assistance." Equip the vehicle inside a small shop for mobile services for minor repairs.


Carefully calculate the amount of funds that would be required for the registration of IP and workshop equipment.


Talk to your bank in order to take in the necessary amount of credit.


Register SP with the tax authorities.


Publish a newspaper ad with a detailed description of services with indication of the value.


Describe the ad and additional services that you can offer:

- Assembly brought furniture-
- Garbage collection manually after workers
- Removal and installation of household tehniki-
- Quality packaging goods transported.

Include only those services that you canperform at a high level so as not to spoil the reputation. Be sure to include information on vehicle capacity, the timeliness of delivery and guarantee of responsible performance. Give your ad the cost of the services performed, as well as a contact phone number.


Observe courtesy and tact in dealing with customers, because, as the saying goes, the customer is always right.


Decorate the car advertising his workshop. It should be catchy and well remembered.

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