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How To Make lazybones

Lazy or make? Both!

You have not like your job and you have become accustomed to consider themselves lazy? Perhaps you are mistaken: you just have not found something that would really like to do.

How do you find such an occupation?



Think about what you do not like your job orin that with which you have recently left. If this office schedule that many do not like lazy, think whether you work at home. Not all professionals can immediately find a sufficient number of customers and not everyone is convenient to work at home, but often it is the work at home - the best way out. For members of some professions work at home - a real convenience, such as interpreters, tutors, journalists, copywriters, developers, websites, etc. The main thing -. Find customers. This can be done through already established professional contacts as well as through professional societies and labor exchanges freelancers.


If you do not like the nature of your work,You can think of related fields. Are you a journalist? Then you fit copywriting or advertising. Are you a lawyer? Some lawyers are happy to work in logistics, personnel management, procurement. In order to get a job in a related field is best, of course, have additional education, at least a diploma of completion of courses. But if there is no education, but there is some experience and desire, you will probably take it. Especially now valued professionals with experience in other fields and a professional outlook.


Some lazy refused to work for the benefit ofhobbies and earned him many times more than at work. He who in his youth as if out of curiosity mastered any profession, is considered not very prestigious and highly paid, for example, barber profession or masseur, can provide such services at home or at the customer's premises. The difficulty lies only in finding customers, but your internet connection and will always help in this. Those who are well photographed, can start with photographing special occasions. The novice photographer to pay a little, from 5000 rubles per night. But when you "nabete hand", boldly asking 12,000 rubles and more. Thus, even if you work only on weekends, you can earn from 24,000 rubles a week.


If you read interviews and biographies of many youngEntrepreneurs quickly achieved success, you will notice that a few of them distinguished by love of work or study. Perhaps it's hard to believe, but among them there are real lazy people who just do what they liked, embody a certain idea in life and get paid for it. For example, one of them opened the taxi service, with no office, no controllers. He called up and negotiated with customers and drivers, and himself as loved to interact with people, being merely polite and chief executive, in a short time created a base of loyal customers. Now he has a lot of air traffic controllers, which are also sociable and executive, and he only manages service and come up with new ideas. Are there any such ideas do you have?


Those who prefer their own business, but whonot have their own ideas, can buy a ready-made company or store. The easiest way to buy a franchise well-known companies - so you're ready to buy, and established business, and to manage them will be easy. In addition, you do not even have to worry about finding customers, because they already know this company and will use its services.

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