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EARLY cucumbers on film


Early cucumbers on film</a>

In order to grow a good harvest of cucumbers,You need to constantly water them and remove the annoying weeds appearing around the beds. The problem of possible frosts is also added to the cultivation of early varieties of cucumbers, which ruinously influence the germination of young shoots.

The usual polyethylene film can help to solve these problems.



In the early spring, in a garden reserved for planting cucumbers, we make holes 30-40 cm in diameter, about 10 cm deep. The optimal distance between the holes is from 0.5 to 1 meter.


In the holes made, we plant 6-7 seeds of early cucumbers. We cover the seedbed with the planted seeds with a polyethylene film, and fix the edges of the film.


Some time will pass and smallShoots. Under the film, they easily survive the spring frosts. When the plants have five leaves, we make cross-cuts in the area of ​​the holes so that the young plants come out to the surface of the film.


We leave in the hole four more powerful sprouts, removing extra from the weaker ones. We remove the weeds only in the hole, leaving the remaining weeds under the film.


Cucumbers will grow over the film, whileWeed plants will raise their film with their growth, but they will not be able to straighten themselves because of the coating. Breathable under the film weeds will warm their cucumbers warming over the film. The need for weeding and loosening of the soil disappears, and the need for irrigation is significantly reduced, since the polyethylene film keeps moisture well.


Since the plant grows on film and practicallyDo not come into contact with the soil, the risks of cucumber disease and the costs of their treatment with various chemical products are reduced. And the last thing is to collect such a harvest is a pleasure, cucumbers on the film are always clean and easy to see.

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