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EARLY cucumbers on film

Early cucumbers on film

In order to grow a good crop of cucumbers,You need to constantly water them and remove appearing around the beds annoying weeds. By growing early varieties of cucumbers are also added to the problem of possible frost, which is detrimental impact on the germination process of the young shoots.

The solution of these problems can greatly help ordinary polyethylene film.



Early spring in the garden, allocated for planting cucumbers, making holes 30-40cm in diameter, depth of about 10cm. The optimal distance between the holes on the 0.5 - up to 1 meter.


The hole made earlier disembark 6-7 seeds of cucumbers. Beds planted with seeds cover with plastic wrap and fasten the edges of the film.


It will take some time and there will be smallshoots. Under the film, they easily survive the spring frosts. When plants appear five leaves do cruciform incisions near the holes for the young plants out on the film surface.


We reserve per well for four more powerful germ, removing excess of the weaker. Remove the weeds only in the well, the rest of the weeds under the film leave.


Cucumbers will rise above the film, whileWeeds its growth would lift the film, but to straighten up from behind cover can not. Breathable film under the weeds will warm their warmth cucumbers, growing on the film. Eliminates the need for weeding and loosening the soil, and significantly reduces the need for watering, as the plastic film retains moisture well.


As the plant grows on the film and substantiallynot in contact with the soil, it reduces the risks of cucumber diseases and the cost of handling a variety of chemicals. And the last - to collect a harvest of pleasure, cucumbers on a film is always clean and easy to see.

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