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Dystonia of cerebral vessels: symptoms, causes


If you have headaches of any kindAnd their periodicity must consult a doctor. The cause of such symptoms may be not only minor external factors, but also the presence of a tumor or problems with the vessels of the brain, which can lead to unpredictable consequences if they are not detected in time.

Dystonia of cerebral vessels: symptoms, causes
The rabid rhythm of modern life, turmoil orProblems in the family lead to nervous tension and the appearance of permanent or recurrent headaches. Most people try to take an anesthetic drug to forget for a while about an unpleasant symptom, not realizing that the cause of its appearance can be very serious problems. According to the statistics of medical services and observations of medical practitioners, in recent decades the cause of headaches is increasingly becoming this or that type of dystonia of the blood vessels of the brain. This disease can lead to disability of the patient and even to death if it was not diagnosed in time and no proper treatment was performed.

Symptoms of the dystonia of the cerebral vessels

Symptoms of the dystonia of the cerebral vessels canBe not only permanent headaches that arise for no apparent reason, but other malfunctions in the body. The most common problems with blood supply to the brain are accompanied by sudden and unreasonable body temperature jumps in the range from 35 to 38? C, intermittent failures in the work of the heart - it then freezes, then it accelerates its work. In addition, there are disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, there are problems with the urinary system, sometimes there is a feeling of lack of air, there is a desire to often inhale and exhale air, begin to freeze limbs with sufficiently warm ambient air. And, as a consequence of the manifestation of such symptoms, the quality of life of the patient decreases, its efficiency, depression begins.

What can cause dystonia of the vessels of the brain

The cause of vascular problemsBlood supply to the brain can become a number of factors. In most cases, the occurrence of the disease is provoked by the patient himself - alcohol abuse, smoking, unstable daily routine, workaholism and constant nervous tension lead to the depletion of blood vessels, the violation of blood circulation in them.

In addition, this disease leadsSome chronic problems with the spine, cardiovascular or respiratory system, suffered mechanical head injuries or psychoemotional injuries, for example, loss of a loved one. Violate the work of cerebral vessels and excessive physical exertion, hormonal failures in the work of the body, transferred infectious diseases.

Methods of treatment of the dystonia of the cerebral vessels

Treatment of this disease depends on its severity,The reasons that led to him and the general condition of the patient. Choose a method of treatment and drugs can only be a qualified health professional, not a neighbor or acquaintances with similar symptoms. If the disease was detected in its initial stage, then treatment with herbal medicines is possible. In more serious cases, complex medication is prescribed, sometimes even with the use of hormonal drugs.

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