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Dysbacteriosis in children under one year


Recently, more and more often we hear such a wordA dysbacteriosis. As doctors explain in Russia, dysbacteriosis is a violation of the balance of good and bad bacteria, which forms a violation of bowel function. But the most surprising thing is that in Europe about such a disease did not even hear, although we make this diagnosis to every 5 babies.

Dysbacteriosis in children under one year

A baby is born on this light with a sterileOrganism, he gets used to our environment. After birth, the baby gets into the intestines of bad bacteria, very often with colostrum, a balance disorder occurs. That is why children under one year often have constipation.

The baby can not split the mother's milk into all trace elements. But in the same way, dysbacteriosis can appear due to taking antibiotics, after birth injuries, burns, etc.

Let's try to figure out how to help the baby. So, if you find that the baby does not go to the toilet more than two days, get down to the action.

The first and most innocuous way is to givePrune puree, pumpkin, zucchini. But puree can be given only from 4 months, if the baby is younger, then these products can be eaten by the mother and feed her baby with breast milk.

If this did not work, go to the second method. In the pharmacy are sold glycerin suppositories for babies, their effect is observed after 15-20 minutes. Why candles, not enemas? Because candles are harmless, but the enema is flushing the intestinal microflora. If the above methods have not helped, then consult a doctor.

Also signs of a dysbacteriosis can becomeThe green color of the stool, bloating, colic and vomiting in the baby, these signs give the first bell to mom. The child can even refuse breast milk, although it will be hungry. He can not lie still, because he is twisted from colic.

In this case, you should immediately inform yourSuspicion of the abovementioned disease. The pediatrician will give you an analysis. If your fears are confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a course of treatment. Most likely it will be biophages that will help restore the balance of the intestine.

The most important thing is to monitor the cleanliness, nutrition and health of the baby. After all, we are mothers!

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