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Dynamic gymnastics for kids


Dynamic gymnastics is called communicationMom and the child with the help of movements. To some extent, this is true. Most doctors are very categorically looking at this method of improving the baby, because inept treatment and the desire of the mother to keep up to date, that is, to implement all the current recommendations, can lead to very disastrous consequences.

Dynamic gymnastics for kids
The methodology of raising children in infancy helpsThey develop faster not only physically, but also intellectually. Dynamic gymnastics includes the usual warm-up movements, massage, as well as movements that help the child's vestibular apparatus to develop faster. Looking at such exercises, some young mothers are frightened, as the baby is tossed, swinged, unwound, holding hands or feet.

Advantages of dynamic gymnastics

Undoubtedly, such exercises have a numberAdvantages, for example, muscle tone is adjusted, flexibility develops, metabolism is activated and much more. They say that gymnastics helps the child establish a trusting relationship with their loved ones and other people.

Children, with whom they regularly engage, are less prone to disease, they are more calm and balanced than those who did not have to experience all the delights of the miracle gymnastics.

All of the above applies to children whoPerceive exercises for "hurray", if the child is capricious and crying during the gymnastics, it is better to stop, maybe he is uncomfortable and he is uncomfortable.

Cons of exercises

In addition to good characteristics, there areWarnings, which can not be ignored. Some experts believe that a child experiences great stress with such exercises, there is a risk of getting a microtrauma and stretching.
If the child was born with the problems of the musculoskeletal system, in no case can not do such gymnastics, it will only aggravate the situation.

After watching the video on the Internet, do not startImmediately experiment on the reactions of the baby to such gymnastics, this can cause harm to the health of the child. It is worth consulting with a specialist, but in any case, the parents are responsible for the child, so you need to make only informed decisions.

An inexperienced person can not do gymnastics with a child. You can cause injuries, because of which the child will remain disabled.

That's why it's worth remembering: In the event that the parents decided to engage in dynamic gymnastics with a child, to entrust it to a specialist better - or to pass special courses for this themselves. Experiments based on the advice of acquaintances or information from the network can lead to the most unfortunate consequences.

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