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How to dye your hair without compromising their health: Basma


Among the natural hair dyes stableIt takes the position of old Basma - powder of the dried leaves of indigo, allowing dye hair in rich shades of brown and black.

As well as henna, Basma strengthens the hair, contributing to their growth. Pure basma emerald stain hair tint, so that the ink used in combination with henna.Depending on the desired result using the following proportions:

- To receive a bronze shade to a dark-brown hair: 2 parts powder to 1 part of henna powder basmy-

- To produce a dark brown color to dark blond and brown hair: 1 part of henna powder to 1 part powder basmy-

- For black hair color: 1 part of henna powder into 2 parts Basma powder.

The powder mixture was filled with hot water andadding olive oil, maintained time, depending on the desired result and the intensity of the original hair color. Most often, the desired result is achieved by a number of individual samples and easily change the proportions and time of exposure. If you need to paint the gray hair, the henna and basma should be applied consistently, in this case the powders are not mixed: first apply henna on your hair, then after exposure henna on damp washed hair is applied Basma.

Perhaps minus basmoj staining isthat the concrete result of staining is impossible to predict, to come to what you want to, you can by trial and error (of course, if you're not lucky in the beginning, and you will not find after the first coloring "your" color). So if you need to get a particular color, rather than a "darker" or "brighter", perhaps, is to choose a different color.

Smooth coloring can be the result of an unsuccessfulusing oil mask. Burdock, s olive, almond oil should be slightly warmed and applied to dyed hair, put on a shower cap, wrap a towel and let stand for 20-30 minutes and wash off in the usual way using a shampoo.

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