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How to dye your hair without compromising their health: Henna

henna powder

At all times, the woman tried to decorate themselves in different ways, including changing hair color.

In our time, the latest technology and do not want to bad environment once again expose the hair to stress, using conventional hair dyes disappointing chemical composition.

Pamper yourself at the same time and care, and hair coloring Henna help.

Henna - a powder made from driedleaves of Lawson. It is quite a long time used by women of the world for coloring and treatment of not only hair but also skin. Many unflattering comments about this tool, saying that after its use hair confused, become stiff and dull, one of the subjects of discontent it is the fact that after the application of henna powder is quite difficult to wash off. But, armed with some skills, you can, indeed, not only paint, but also significantly improve the condition of their hair.

Before applying henna, it is desirable to stockPatience, a bowl with a tight-fitting lid, a large towel, gloves and a shower cap. Pours a bag (or two or three bags, depending on the length of your hair) coloring powder in a bowl, pour, stir the powder with hot water to the state of slurry. Close the bowl lid, wrap it with a towel and leave to infuse for 20-30 minutes. After this time, add a slurry tablespoon of olive oil (at your convenience, you can add another oil, such as almond, this ingredient we add to not dry up the hair). Thoroughly mix the pulp, apply it to dry hair (it is desirable that they have not been freshly scrubbed, better use of henna as a time when it's time to wash them). At the end of the procedure, the hair, like a hairstyle women of an African tribe, hair smeared with clay to not start living creatures in them. We put on the cap head and shower top wrapped it with a towel and wait in zaisimosti from the results that we want to receive, from 5 minutes to one hour. You can leave the henna and for a longer time, if you want a more intense copper shade of hair. Then we come to the most difficult stage - the henna powder particles must be washed off with hair that seems at times almost a mission impossible. To cope with this task will help ordinary hair conditioner. Flushing the main mass of slurry from the hair, you need to take a little air conditioner, apply it on your hair and then rinse his hair with henna remaining particles.

As a result, staining / henna hair treatmentbecome more dense, shiny and elastic - very useful effect for owners of fine hair. A nice bonus - a bright saturated copper tinted hair.

Attention: Henna should be used with caution after staining with conventional dyes for hair, then hair color after dyeing can happen unexpectedly (for example, a greenish dye after dark).

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