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How to dye your hair immediately after clarification

A woman from time to time think about what would be a change, change. The right way to change your appearance - change the color of hair.

And no matter how many anecdotes were current about the "blondes", this color is always relevant and attractive to the opposite sex.

Stylists and cosmetologists firmly in one voice that the coloring of hair is necessary to select a color close to the natural, but the woman, if decide to change their appearance, changing color dramatically.

hair Bleaching

Clarification - the removal of the pigment from the topHair layer and coloration - its change. You can not lighten your hair without causing them any harm. Thin hair, split ends, dull complexion - often this effect gives lighting, especially if you decide to do it at home by yourself.
But the decision was made, blond hair and allhow well. But after a short time, appearance begins to spoil the pretty yellowing appearing on the hair. And then the question arises: "what to do"? Clarification of hair - is an aggressive method of influence on the hair and scalp. Dye your hair after lightening of course possible, but not desirable, it is better to withstand a couple of weeks. Yet the hair was stress.

Choose what is best

The simplest solution to the haircoloring shampoo, which is added to the usual means for washing the hair and washed off almost immediately - this is the most gentle means. Purple coloring shampoo neutralize yellowness. The main thing is not to overdo it, if you overdo the shampoo on the hair, will become the owner of purple hair. Hold means you need a minute or two, in this case, the result will be closer to the white.
In no case do not use after clarificationresistant paints, will only intensify the degree of hair damage. Ideally, you want to help your hair nourishing mask. You can dye your hair and without the paint - grandmother left a legacy of a large number of recipes. Chamomile, honey and lemon will give your hair a golden hue and brighten. With conventional brewing tea can obtain a reddish-brown color. And if you rinse the hair infusion onion peel, hair will not only strengthen but also acquire gloss and color will depend on the richness of the decoction. Apply on the hair mask from honey, put on a rubber cap and leave for ten hours. Lighten hair, unnecessary retracts yellowness, and hair will be silky and shiny.
It must be remembered that the bleached hair is verydifficult to dye evenly a desired color. So dark colors are very difficult to lay down and paint quickly washed off. The result can turn unpredictable hair can paint over uneven, and the color may not be as to which anticipated. To avoid surprises, trust the professionals who will select suitable for your hair gentle means, which will be held on your hair, and advise gels, masks and lotions for hair restoration and scalp, if required.

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