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How to dye your hair right after the lightening


How to dye your hair right after the lightening</a>

A woman from time to time thinks about what to change in oneself, to change. The correct way to change your appearance is to change the color of your hair.

And no matter how many anecdotes happen to be about "blondes", this color is always relevant and attractive for the opposite sex.

Stylists and cosmetologists say in one voice that when coloring hair you need to choose a color that is close to natural, but women, if they decide to change their appearance, change color radically.

Lightening Hair

Lightening is the removal of the pigment from the topLayer of hair, and color - its change. It is impossible to lighten the hair without causing them harm. Thin hair, split ends, dull color - more often this effect gives a lightening, especially if you decide to do it at home yourself.
But the decision is made, the blond hair and everythingAs it were good. But after a short time, the appearance begins to spoil the appearing yellowness on the hair. And then the question arises: "what to do"? Lightening hair is an aggressive method of affecting the hair and scalp. To paint hair after clarification certainly it is possible, but it is undesirable, it is better to sustain couple of weeks. Still, the hair had stress.

Choose what is best

The most simple solution to put on hairShade shampoo, which is added to the usual means for washing the head and almost immediately washed off - this is the most gentle means. Purple toning shampoo neutralizes yellowness. The main thing is not to overdo it if you overdo the shampoo on your hair, you will become the owner of purple hair. Hold the tool for about two minutes, in this case the result will be closer to the snow-white.
Do not use after lighteningPersistent paints, this will only increase the degree of damage to the hair. Ideally, you need to help hair with nourishing masks. You can dye your hair and without paint - grandmothers inherited a large number of recipes. Chamomile, honey and lemon will give the hair a golden hue and lighten. Using the usual tea brewing, you can get a reddish-brown color. And if you rinse your hair with infusion of onion husk, the hair will not only strengthen, but it will acquire shine, and the color will depend on the saturation of the broth. Apply a mask of honey on your hair, put on a rubber cap and leave the clock for ten. The hair becomes light, the unnecessary yellowness is removed, and the hair becomes silky and shiny.
It should be remembered that the clarified hair is veryDifficult to evenly color the desired color. So dark shades are very difficult to lay down and the paint is quickly washed off. The result may turn out to be unpredictable, the hair may not be dyed unevenly, and the color may not be what you expected. To avoid surprises, trust professionals who will choose the suitable gentle for your hair, which will stick to your hair, and advise gels, masks or creams to restore hair and scalp, if required.

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