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Dutch style in the interior

Dutch style in the interior

The Dutch style is extremely organic and simple. It combines natural materials and colors with skillful paintings by Dutch masters.

Together they create an elegant, rustic style several times.



Design features of the Dutch interiorare: big windows, divided into several strips stekol- ceilings decorated with beams, painted any color of the ceiling, or in the color pola- frequent furnaces or fireplaces, which are decorated with tiles painted with the Dutch.


These are decorated with tiles and walls, often onlyhalf, instead of tiles, you can take the wallpaper with this painting. Still used for the walls plaster, paint. Brick and wood, is also the favorite materials for walls, paint the board and the brick is left unchanged.


Traditional Dutch flowers are white(Predominant), blue, red and yellow. Paul made a wooden parquet or stone. The tree can be either dark or light, or painted. Instead, you can choose the stone tiles.


The windows in the Dutch style often leaveopen or are using a light tulle, lace, ideal. For upholstery choose natural fabrics, plain or ornamental. Samu furniture made of wood, in the form of furniture strict, sometimes rude. For decoration of furniture used carving, painting and glass. The invention of the Dutch cabinet is for crockery on the shelves which adorn china sets.


As accessories to suit tablewareDutch painting, brass candlesticks, pitchers, lace napkins, prints and mirrors in simple frames. Typical for the Netherlands are miniature figurines of Dutch houses, windmills, Dutch shoes. Since the Netherlands twig world leader, its interiors are often filled with flower bouquets.

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