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Dusseldorf Attractions


Düsseldorf - this is a very beautiful city, where every traveler will find himself something unique and amazing.

In the city of so many attractions that you can get lost if you do not think the plan walks in Dusseldorf in advance.

Düsseldorf's Old Town Hall

Since 1985, the old town hall isunder state protection. This monument of architecture consists of three wings, the oldest of which is more than 500 years. It was built in the middle of the XVI century in Gothic and Renaissance style. In the XVIII century in the process of reconstruction and restoration of the Town Hall had a second wing with the characteristics of Rococo. The third wing fits into the ensemble no less organically and is on the Rhine promenade.

Düsseldorf's Old Town

Altstadt - is the historic center of Düsseldorf. In it every street boasts of anything unusual. Altstadt - is mostly a pedestrian area with lots of shops, cafes and shops for every taste. Once this area is called the longest bar in the world, because there are several hundreds of pubs with delicious beer.

Area Burgplatz

The most beautiful area is not only in Düsseldorf,but in the whole of Germany. It is located on the banks of the Rhine and on the list of state protected objects. This area came together with Düsseldorf and has never lost its central status. It is unique buildings that remained virtually unchanged throughout the different ages. On it you can see how the German architecture has evolved depending on the era.

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