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How to dry your phone

How to dry your phone

Almost every owner of a mobile happened it is that the phone fell into the water or water splashes fell on him.

What to do in such situations?

After the water has gotten inside, can oxidize chip phone, and then he can shut down forever.

You will need

  • Hairdryer.



First of all, after the ingress of water you should immediately turn off phoneAnd not wait until he turned off, even if you think that the inside phoneand the water does not enter.


Next, remove all accessories from the phoneand, namely, a memory card, a SIM card, a battery. Then, the mobile should be wiped with a tissue or dry towel.


Then take a hair dryer and dry the unit at a distance of about 20 cm for half an hour. In no case do not hold the dryer too close to phoney, since it can lead to undesirable consequences such as melting elements phonea.


With strong wet viscera phone we should set up the rear panel near the air conditioner, or a couple of days in between the laundry closet. In no case do not put soaked phone on a hot surface, such as a battery.


After all the done look carefully at the display off phoneand if it is not turbid and has no water droplets, it is possible to insert the battery into place. If water is left, put it again to dry the above method.

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