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How to dry the phone


How to dry the phone</a>

Almost every mobile owner had such that the phone fell into the water or splashes of water hit him.

What to do in such situations?

After all, water that gets inside, can oxidize the microcircuit of the phone, and then it can turn off forever.

You will need

  • Hairdryer.



First of all, after getting water, you must immediately disconnect phone, And not wait for him to turn off, even if you think that inside phoneBut the water did not hit.


Next, remove all accessories from the phoneBut, namely: a memory card, a SIM card, a battery. Then wipe with a mobile towel or a dry towel.


After that, take the dryer and dry the machine at a distance of about 20 cm for half an hour. Do not put the hairdryer too close to phoneY, as this can lead to undesirable consequences, such as melting of elements phonea.


With a strong wetting of the viscera phone Should be put back panel up near the air conditioner or for a couple of days in the closet between the laundry. Do not put soaked phone On a hot surface, for example, on a battery.


After all that has been done, look carefully at the display off phoneAnd, if it is not muddy and does not have water droplets, then you can put the battery in place. If the water remains, put it again to dry according to the above method.

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