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HOW dried decorative pumpkin

How dry the decorative pumpkin

Bottles, bowls, candle holders, buckets, bird houses -It is not a complete list of what can be made of a decorative pumpkin. In addition, pumpkin bizarre in itself can be a great gift.

But for this it is necessary to dry well.

You will need

  • - tykva-
  • - soap-
  • - water-
  • - spirt-
  • - A room with good ventilation.



A lot depends on what kind of pumpkinyou want to dry. Decorative pumpkins are of two types. It kukurbita and lagenariya. In kukurbity soft green, orange or golden crust. Lagenarii have a solid crust, green at first, but the color changes to brown or yellow-brown as they dry.


Collect the pumpkin crop. This must be done at a time when the stem is dry but before the onset of severe cold. It should be brown. At harvest a small piece of the stem should be left. Damaged gourd is best to throw away, they do not dry out, but immediately begin to rot.


Before you lay out to dry, clean skin of your decorative pumpkins soapy water. It is best to use the most common soap. Allow to dry skins.


Arrange squash in a single layer in a wellventilated area. It may be light, but there should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Suitable veranda, loggia. It can be dried in the room and pumpkin. Let your kukurbity and lagenarii em a week. Do not forget to monitor the process. A week later, the outer layer of skin should be completely dry, but in a cold room is slightly slower drying. The best option - to dry pumpkin at room temperature.


In the next step you'll need the darkroom with good ventilation. If the house is not suitable, we can expand the pumpkin, for example, under the beds. In order to penetrate the air and under the pumpkin, it is better to do the horizontal bars on the supports. Make sure the pumpkin lying in one layer. They should not touch. Large decorative pumpkin can be hung up, then it will dry out more evenly.


The process must be carefully controlled. Check the pumpkin every day. Those who have started to rot or moldy, remove. In some cases, the mold can be removed. If peel solidified, moisten a soft cloth with a solution of bleach and wipe moldy place. If the mildew stain appeared on the still soft peel the pumpkin should be thrown out.


After two weeks, turn the pumpkin, so that theydried up evenly. Do this once a half to two weeks. Apart from the fact that in this way you can prevent decay, you can still capture the moment when the pumpkin completely dry. Time it takes a lot, about half a year, with about kukurbita dries twice as fast lagenarii.


If the pumpkin became easy, and with shakinghear the roll inside the seeds, it is ready. Now because it can do all sorts of crafts. Sometimes you need to make the surface of the vegetable more flat and smooth. For this purpose good sandpaper with the fine fraction.

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