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How to Dry a Decorative Pumpkin


How to Dry a Decorative Pumpkin</a>

Bottles, bowls, candlesticks, scoops, birdhouses -Far from a complete list of what can be done from a decorative pumpkin. In addition, the pumpkin fancy shape and itself can be an excellent gift.

But for this, it must be well dried.

You will need

  • - pumpkin-
  • - soap-
  • - water-
  • - alcohol-
  • - a room with good ventilation.



Very much depends on what kind of pumpkinYou want to dry it. Decorative pumpkins are of two kinds. This is cucurbita and lagenaria. Cucurbites have a soft green, orange or golden crust. In lagenarii, the crust is solid, initially green, but the color changes to brown or yellowish brown as it dries.


Gather a harvest of pumpkin. This must be done at the moment when the peduncle dries, but before the onset of severe cold. It should turn brown. When harvesting a small piece of stalk should be left. Damaged pumpkins are best thrown away, they do not dry out, but immediately begin to rot.


Before putting it to dry, wash the peel of your decorative pumpkin with soapy water. It is best to use the most common laundry soap. Let the peel dry out.


Spread the pumpkin in one layer in a wellVentilated room. It can be light, but there should not be direct sunlight. There is a veranda, a glazed loggia. You can dry the pumpkin in the room. Let your cucurbits and lagenarii lie down for a week. Do not forget to control the process. After a week, the outer layer of the peel should dry completely, but in a cold room drying is somewhat slower. The best option is to dry the pumpkin at room temperature.


In the next step you will need a darkRoom with good ventilation. If the house is not suitable, you can expand the pumpkin, for example, under the beds. To air penetrated and under the pumpkin, it is better to make horizontal grilles on the stands. Make sure that the pumpkins are in the same layer. They should not touch. A large decorative pumpkin can be hung, then it will dry more evenly.


The process must be carefully monitored. Check the pumpkins every day. Those that began to rot or become moldy, clean up. In some cases, mold can be removed. If the skin is hardened, moisten a soft cloth with bleach solution and wipe the moldy place. If the stain of mold appeared on a still soft peel, the pumpkin would have to be discarded.


In two weeks, turn the pumpkins over so that theyDry evenly. Do this every one and a half to two weeks. In addition to the fact that in this way you prevent decay, you can still catch the moment when the pumpkins dry completely. Time for this requires a lot, about six months, while cucurbit dries about twice as fast as lagenarii.


If the pumpkin has become light, and with shakingYou can hear the seeds rolling inside, it's ready. Now you can make all kinds of crafts from it. Sometimes you need to make the surface of the vegetable smoother and smoother. For this purpose sandpaper with a fine fraction is suitable.

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