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Hair falls out of the eyebrows: what to do


Unfortunately, over time, more and more oftenReflection in the mirror makes a woman upset. The first wrinkles, "floating" oval face and a few extra pounds at the waist - this is not a complete list of what can spoil the mood. Often a lot of worry to a woman caused by the thinned over time eyebrows.

Hair falls out of the eyebrows: what to do
Eyebrows "responsible" for the expression: Note that raised eyebrows make a person look surprised, and shifted to each other - show that he is not in the best of spirits. Indistinctly outlined or otherwise almost absent eyebrows leave those who look at such a face, the feeling that something is missing on it. Remember the famous "Mona Lisa" - at first it is not clear what is wrong with the appearance of the woman portrayed in the portrait, and then, willy-nilly, the eye "clings" to her browless arches, devoid of vegetation.

The reasons why hair can drop out of the eyebrows

Many women who are excessively addictedPlucking eyebrows, new hairs can grow increasingly thin and weak. If such a woman turns to a trichologist with complaints of increased hair loss from the eyebrows, then under the microscope the doctor will see how damaged and weakened the hair bulbs.

Another common reason for falling outEyebrows are all kinds of dermatological problems, for example, demodectic or seborrhea, which can also lead to the loss of eyelashes and hair on the head. For timely diagnosis and treatment, consultation with a dermatologist is necessary.

Changes in the hormonal background in women,Provoked, for example, by the violation of the ovaries or thyroid gland, can lead to alopecia - hair loss on the head and body, including, and eyebrows. A gynecologist and an endocrinologist are those specialists who will direct the patient to take all the necessary tests and select the treatment.

Finally, the cause of eyebrowsConsists in a lack of reception by an organism of the woman of sufficient quantity of vitamins, minerals and other necessary nutrients. This can be as a consequence of disruption of the work of her internal organs, and a side effect of a prolonged strict diet.

What to do if the tests are normal, and the hairs from the eyebrows drop out anyway?

If you complete the surveyHealthy, and the hairs that form a beautiful curve of your eyebrows, continue to fall out, try to do courses mask for the eyebrows. Very good for the condition of this part of the face, for example, are masks from a mashed banana or mixed with pharmacies vitamin E carrot juice. More durable and shiny make make your eyebrows outlines a hair mask with warmed castor oil that can be applied to a cleanly washed brush from the mascara and left overnight.

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to deal withA problem with eyebrows. Its perfect solution can be permanent make-up. Eyebrow tattoo today is a common procedure - the pigment applied to the skin can be any color, which allows the eyebrows so made to look very natural.

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