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Drop-Abyssinian well: pros and cons

Drop Abyssinian well: pros and cons

Drop Abyssinian well - one of the types of water wells.

His name was in honor of the well Abyssinia, against which in the XIX century fought British troops.

The British first began to use this kind of wells, and the invention spread rapidly throughout the world.

Like other fresh water sources, wells Abyssinian has its pros and cons.

The main advantages of Abyssinian wells

Judging by the reviews on the Internet, the Abyssinian wellIt is currently the most common and priority type of water sources used in private households. Most of the firms engaged in drilling wells, try to equip them in the first place and have resorted to drilling other wells only in the event that if you make an Abyssinian well for various reasons impossible.

•; The main advantage of these wells is considered to be the speed of installation. On average, less than 12 hours it is possible to complete all the work on the arrangement of the well.
•; It is equally important advantage is theability to drill at any time of the year regardless of weather conditions. In addition, the technology of drilling wells of this type allows you to work on small areas without the use of large equipment.

This is a big plus if you are setting up a well in the basement of his home.

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•; High performance Abyssinian well produces up to 60 liters of water per minute.
•; The purity of the supplied water - another importantdignity Abyssinian wells. In most cases, water from a well can be used for drinking purposes, even without purification. Water comes from a well is soft, non-iron impurities. Bacteriological safety due to the fact that the drilling of the well water from the Abyssinian it is isolated from the "perched", exclude the possibility of contamination of the surface of groundwater and topsoil.
•; If the rules of operation, the annualdiagnosis and timely repair works, including replacement of the pump, piping and treatment system, the service life of Abyssinian well is about 30 years. For comparison, the shelf life of conventional wells reaches only 10-15 years.
•; Overall Abyssinian well price is much lower than other wells, due to the low cost of drilling, development, and maintenance service wells.

Disadvantages Abyssinian well

Compared to other wells Abyssinian well is much less disadvantages.

The main drawback of Abyssinian wells isthat this type of source is not the solution for each area. Geologic features can become a significant obstacle to drilling Abyssinian well. For example, it may be too large layer of clay, rock, dry natural areas.

The aquifer is too close, and in this case, when drilling a great danger to slip and crash it into the lower layers, where there is no water.

Abyssinian well has a diameter of 1 inch, and its depth, depending on the depth of the aquifer can be from 8 to 30 meters.

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Limiting the depth of the well. The very well can reach 30 meters, but the distance from the vacuum pumping equipment to the water table can not exceed 8 meters. In the case of a greater depth, it is necessary to use a large mobile drilling station, and then it will no longer Drop Abyssinian wells and artesian well.

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