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How to drive a cat


How to drive a cat</a>

Cats - creatures though and lovely, but sometimes such annoying!

And to drive them out can be very difficult: along with the annoyance in the pretty mustachio Murzik suddenly begins to manifest and remarkable obstinacy.

If a cat sets out to do something, it will break it, but it will do it.



If you really need to drive your pet (or any other Cat), Do not get irritated at all, do notBe angry and do not allow yourself to resort to violence. The cat will not be able to sue you or write about you in the newspaper, so your crime will remain on your conscience. If you do not want to proceed from the principle of "do no evil to your neighbor," push away from the principle "Do not do evil to yourself": Do you need these very pains of conscience, without which a person can do without?

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So, you need to drive out Cat And do it not kick or hurricane, but withRespect for feline dignity. You can try to distract Vaska with some toy and throw it into another room, where (according to a pike command, a cat's desire) already has a whole bunch of rustling packages, toys and a bowl of delicacy. Provide the pet with a job, and he will not so much need your attention.

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You can scare the cat. Bring in the room a vacuum cleaner and watch as a purr at the feet of a safe haven. Difficulties here can be with those cats that are not afraid of vacuum cleaners, and those that are too impressionable. Agree, the cats, like people, temperament is different. Therefore Murzik, once frightened of a vacuum cleaner, tomorrow will not remember this, but some Gray will remember this for life and you will be vile revenge.

How to understand a cat


Gradually begin to teach Cat To the fact that at certain times you do not need to be bothered. For example, instead of driving out Cat Every evening from the bedroom, better let her know,That in the evening here generally do not go. Close the door tight enough so that your gray pet could not open the door with a paw, and if she screamed in her own voice with entreaties to let her in, say it several times in an impressive voice: "Shake, Murka, shave!". Maybe she will not understand the meaning of the words you said, but the intonation must be understood exactly.

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If it is not a domestic cat that you areTry to restrict access to certain places, and the homeless that begs on the street, sitting next to your table, for which you eat your dinner in the open, just try to ignore it. Cats - the creation is not stupid. They can not guess how to pull a tray with food from under the bookcase, where they drove it with their own nose, but if they see that the feeding is not there, then they will move to some other place. And it does not matter that this cat will think about you: she left, and that's enough for you.

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