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Drive a car with a manual? Just!

A ride in a car with a manual? Just!

Manual transmission usually causes some excitement for beginners, because it requires a certain motor skills.

Try to understand where to start learning to ride in a car with mechanics and avoid mistakes.

You will need

  • Actually car mechanics, flat area, time and patience.



What is transmission? In order to transmit the torque from the engine to the wheels. Why do some programs? Because the engine is targeted to work in a certain rev range. And then the first thing: the lower the speed the less engine thrust. Accordingly, the higher the engine thrust more. On the other hand, the small momentum helps to save fuel and engine life. Because driving a car with manual transmission requires some knowledge of the theory and skills. The first and one of the most difficult - to get under way. Transmission does not transmit torque continuously: in neutral the engine only works on the rotation itself. Another device is to "decouple" the engine from the wheels - the clutch. Conventionally, this disc is pressed with varying force to the rotating part of the motor to change the number of the transmitted torque. Managed by the effort clutch pedal. When fully depressed clutch pedal disk is not pressed against the rotating part of the engine (flywheel) transmitted effort is zero. When fully complete remission of the transmitted force. The theory of a little understood. Go to the practice.


Get into the car, adjust the seat andcontrols for themselves. Try pressing the clutch, brake, gas, rotate the steering wheel. When the engine a few times to switch the transmission. The better you get used to the car, the less bude excitement. The less emotion - the better.


Start the engine, fully depress the pedalclutch and engage first gear. This is the same transmission, which is necessary to get under way. It has naibolsheee effort and the lowest speed. Remember how in school, losing in the distance and win in force? Here is the same. Next, gently push very little gas. Until about a thousand revolutions. And very slowly release the clutch. Somewhere in the middle of the clutch pedal car will begin to move. Then release the pedal more smoothly to the end. If the engine speed will be very large, or if the pedal is released before the end there is a risk to spoil the clutch disc - he's rubbing against the moving part of the engine. Prezhivat about this special is not necessary - it is created, but still we must remember these details.


Typically, the first time for beginners not to get under wayobtained. Appears excitement movements become nervous and that's for sure after this success can not be expected. We need to try again by making all again smoothly and quietly. Try to catch the clutch pedal when the engine starts to rotate the wheel - "grasp". You can even for a split second delay pedal in this position.


So, to get under way with the time you have learned. Now we must learn to shift gears. A little to disperse the car to the first, fully release the gas and clutch. Translate the lever to second gear and release the clutch. The pedal should be let go smoothly, but not as slow as in setting off, because cars already has a certain speed. We give a little gas and enjoy the increased speed. The same goes with the further acceleration and transition to a higher gear.

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