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DRINKS high content of caffeine

Drinks with high caffeine content

The most famous, affordable, relatively safe for health and the natural stimulant - caffeine.

The use of this material allows to overcome drowsiness and fatigue. But drinking coffee at high doses are not recommended in order to avoid health problems.

Damage the body and bring frequent consumption of beverages, the caffeine content where higher than normal.

Caffeine - a natural substance, this alkaloidfound in tea, coffee, carbonated drinks. Foods high in stimulant fall under the definition of energy drinks. For comparison, a cup of tea contains about 50 mg of caffeine in the coffee - about 80 mg, and energy drinks - up to 90 mg per 250 ml.

What foodstuffs much caffeine

Exceed caffeine consumption rate can be,drinking and eating is quite safe products. For example, a stimulant found in chocolate, cola, painkillers with caffeine. The average adult dose allowable consumption alkaloid is 300 mg, which is about three cups of strong coffee.
In the energy produced by the advantage of banks250 ml, the caffeine content varies. Read the information on the amount of stimulant in a particular product can be on the packaging. But in any case, energy drinks are not recommended for children under 16 years. Keep in mind that fully experience the vitality drinks in jars include other biologically active components. Together with caffeine the same extract of ginseng, taurine and other ingredients can create a "nuclear" mixture. Energy Drink is recommended for adults not more than 1000 ml per day.

The high content of caffeine dangerous?

Caffeine is often added as a stimulantand alcoholic beverages. The invigorating effect of which lasts a few hours, but at the same time, it promotes the removal of a substance from the body of water, an increase in pressure, increased heart rate.
Sales can also be found caffeinatednutritional supplements, chewing gum. However, the number of natural alkaloid in them are almost never exceeds the norm. Caffeine intake will be a part of any tea - green, black, with additives.
It must be remembered that the use ofcaffeinated products leads to dehydration. The toxic dose of the substance is an average of 20 mg per kilogram body weight. Therefore, it is necessary to calculate the rate of caffeine individually given caffeinated drinks, sweets and even drugs.
And yet, most contain caffeinenatural coffe. In a cup of 200 ml quantity of substances stimulating the nervous system is 100 mg. And in energy drinks is not more than 175 mg per 500 ml. That is, 100 ml of liquid about 35 mg stimulator.

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