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How to drink Karelian balsam


How to drink Karelian balsam</a>

Karelian balsam is an infusion of almost 30 species of various herbs and berries.

It contains mineral water and 45% alcohol.

That is, this drink refers to alcoholic beverages used for medicinal and tonic purposes.

But that the balm acted healthily on the body, it should be drunk properly.

You will need

  • - Karelian balm-
  • - Cherry juice-
  • - hot black tea-
  • - hot coffee-
  • - Lemon-
  • - Sugar-
  • - Champagne.



Since any balsam and Karelian in particularContains up to 45% alcohol turnover, do not consume more than 150 ml per day. Drink the balsam with small liqueur wine glasses. Add one teaspoon of balsam to freshly brewed coffee, into hot tea. Thus, balsam will have a positive effect on your immunity, raise your spirits, increase your tone.


Take a balm, if you have a cold, appearedCough, flu-like condition. For a stimulating effect, use balm for stress, overfatigue, general weakness of the body, with immunodeficiency.


Add the balm to homemade cocktails toStrengthen their effect, flavor the drinks. Adding balsam in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons in desserts (creams, cakes, ice cream, mousses) positively affects their taste.


Make a refreshing and toning drink withKarelian balsam according to the following recipe: in 100 ml of cherry juice add 25 ml of balsam. The drink is ready! Or cook a warming grog on another recipe. Make hot infusion from tea (150 ml). Add 1 tablespoon to it. Sugar, 50 ml of balsam, 30 ml of vodka. Pour the drink over the cups. Top with each lemon slice. Drink in small sips.


New Year's table decorate with this cocktail onThe basis of Karelian balm. Ingredients are offered for one serving. Whisk 2 tsp. Sugar syrup with 2 tsp. Balm. Add a piece of lemon to the mixture and let it brew. Before serving, add all this mixture to a glass of champagne (200 ml).


As part of the Karelian balsam, suchMedicinal plants, like birch chaga, cowberry leaves, dog rose, juniper, linden flowers, St. John's wort, sweet clover, sage, plantain. Strengthens the aroma of the drink with spruce needles, fruit extracts from various Karelian berries, honey, aromatic Peruvian balsam oil and lemon oil. By color, the balsam is brown with a reddish tinge. To taste bitter, its flavor is complex and very peculiar.

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