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How to drink the Karelian balm

How to drink the Karelian balm

Karelian balm is an infusion of nearly 30 different kinds of herbs and berries.

In its structure there is mineral water and 45% alcohol.

That is, this drink refers to alcohol, used in therapeutic and restorative purposes.

But the balm to recreational acted on the body, it is necessary to drink properly.

You will need

  • - Karelian balzam-
  • - Cherry juice-
  • - Hot black tea-
  • - hot coffee-
  • - Slices limona-
  • - sugar
  • - Champagne.



Since any Karelian balm and in particularcontains up to 45% of alcohol at a speed not consume more than 150 ml per day. Drink balm small liqueur glasses. Add one teaspoon of balm in freshly brewed coffee in hot tea. Thus, the balm will have a positive effect on your immune system, cheer up, tone up.


Take balm if you just appearedcough, flu-like condition. For a stimulating effect balm drink with stress, fatigue, general weakness of the body, in immunodeficiency.


Add balm homemade cocktails toenhance their effect, flavored drinks. Adding the balsam in the amount of 1-2 teaspoons in desserts (creams, cakes, ice creams, mousses) has a positive effect on their taste.


Make a refreshing and uplifting tone with a drinkKarelian balm for the following recipe: 100 ml cherry juice, add 25 ml of balm. The drink is ready! Or cook warming grog for another recipe. Make a tea of ​​hot infusion (150 ml). Add the 1 tablespoon sugar, 50 ml of balm, 30 ml of vodka. Pour the drink into cups. On top, place each on a slice of lemon. Drink in small sips.


New decorate a table like this cocktail onbased on the Karelian balm. Ingredients available for serving. Whisk 2 tsp sugar syrup with 2 tsp balsam. Add to the mixture of lemon slice and let it brew. Before serving, add the whole mixture into a glass of champagne (200 ml).


As part of the Karelian balm suchmedicinal plants as birch shelf fungus, leaves, cranberries, rosehips, juniper, linden flowers, herb St. John's wort, sweet clover, sage, plantain. Enhances the flavor of the drink fir needles, fruit drinks, extracts from various Karelian berries, honey, aromatic Peruvian balsam oil and lemon oil. The color balm brown with a reddish tinge. To taste the bitter flavor of its complex and very peculiar.

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