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How to drink Hennessy

How to drink Hennessy

The high status of cognac "Hennessy» (Hennessy) binds to drink it properly, according to the established traditions.

Without the classic rituals of cognac, recognized as the best in the world, it turns into an ordinary drinking forty-degree alcohol.

The right glass

To taste and aroma of "Hennessy" cognac revealedas fully as possible, you need the correct glass. It should be thin-walled, wide, rounded at the bottom and tapering to the top. This type of glass is called "tulip" because It looks like a drop-down flower. With this form, it gives the drink its flavor more pronounced. Concentrating and stopping at the edge of the glass, he (flavor) allows true connoisseurs to enjoy a rich range of shades.
By the way, about two decades ago, fans"Hennessy" prefer to drink it from sniftera - glass spherical shape on the short leg. Glass went well in hand, but, according to connoisseurs of cognac, part dissipated the vapors exuded a noble fragrant drink. But Tulip de better able to concentrate the flavor. The debate on this issue are under way today, because the true supporters of "Hennessy", tend to be conservative and the changes related to the traditions, taken reluctantly.

Catch three waves of flavor

"Hennessy" is served at a temperature slightly higherroom. In a glass pour the drink so much that the top level as it marked the widest part of the glass (? 30-40 ml). True connoisseurs of "Hennessy" even in a nightmare not dream that he overturns the contents down his throat in one gulp, because it's not vodka, it is not a drink in one gulp pickle. Amateur famous cognac certainly enjoy the first game flavor.
Connoisseurs say the three waves of "Hennessy" flavor. The first is located at the level of 5-7 cm from the edge of the glass, it is possible to catch the subtle tones of caramel and vanilla. Place the second wave - the output of the glass, where it is most narrow, here reveals intense notes of fruits and flowers, and in the "Hennessy Extra Old» (Hennessy X.O.) also felt the presence of autumn shades - fallen leaves and resting ground. The third wave can catch and feel fully a sophisticated connoisseurs "Hennessy" because it is quite deep, very delicate and subtle aromas of almond, chestnut and oak.

Feel the heavenly taste

While amateur "Hennessey" enjoys the aroma,time to drink a little warm in his hand. There comes the best time to take the first sip, which is spread throughout the oral cavity, it allows you to "catch" all the taste receptors true fullest. This is a moment tasters called «quene de paon», which means "peacock's tail."
In fact, the taste of "Hennessy" like a featherthe main decoration of the royal bird is disclosed and if increases in volume, while becoming more transparent and thin. Rich flavors and play shimmer, and partake of the divine moisture gets on the incredible power of pleasure. Continue to drink cognac should be the same in small sips. Slowly, savoring and blissfully happy.

The tradition of the three "C"

This is a snack. It is understood that the cognac, as well as all the spirits, requires its presence. Three "C" - is coffee, cognac, cigar (coffee, cognac, cigars). Someone adds a fourth "C» - chocolat (chocolate) and even fifth - citron (lemon), but this is an amateur. The combination of the three is the "C" in the world recognized the most successful combination of flavors: a small cup of coffee after a leisurely enjoy cognac, and then just a leisurely smoke a good cigar.
And if the fourth "C" fans "Hennessy"tolerated, the fifth categorically not recognize. They firmly believe that offering a cognac lemon (even dusted with powdered sugar and ground coffee) - unacceptable folly because a persistent odor and distinct taste of sour citrus kill delicate bouquet famous brandy.
However, those who does not welcome the strongalcoholic beverages and who find it difficult to imagine how you can enjoy a cognac can have a snack of his "soft" fruits (eg peaches), as well as dishes and foods that have a neutral taste and odor mild (some varieties of cheeses, pates, etc.) . Valid even diluted brandy natural juice. Owner of TM "Hennessy" Maurice Richard Hennessy says it can make a woman or young people who are not accustomed to strong drink. He is convinced that this brandy is so elegant and independent substance, that it is a priori impossible to spoil. While the mix with natural juice significantly expands the audience of fans of "Hennessy".

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