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How to drill a hole large diameter

How to drill a hole large diameter

Sometimes for the installation of ventilation and other household systems in the apartment needs to be done rather large hole in the concrete wall.

Large diameter hole drilled in the concrete in several ways.

You will need

  • - drel-
  • - Pobeditovye sverla-
  • - perforator-
  • - Diamond koronka-
  • - An electric drill.



Look at the front of the upcoming work. It is necessary to know exactly what the wall thickness, which will be drilled hole. It depends on this choice of a drill and a special nozzle extension. Also find out the composition of the wall, its structure. The drilling site should not pass important communication.


Prepare tool. The task for drilling concrete wall can be solved in several ways. The most affordable, but not the most effective of them - the use of punch combined with a simple drill with a special nozzle.


Using this method, make a lot ofopenings intended circumferential openings in the wall. Be careful - beware of the valve, which can damage the drill. Use a drill to drill the reinforcing structure.


Be careful - regularly inspect the place,where the hole is, on both sides, in order to avoid irregularities and chips. Note the obvious shortcomings Hammer method - labor intensity, low efficiency, often low-quality result.


To quickly and accurately make a holelarge diameter prepare electric drill with a diamond crown, which is a pipe. One end of a crown attached to the instrument, and the second, flat teeth, showering diamond grit, set against the wall for the subsequent drilling.


Start drilling process. Check the efficiency of water cooling. When drilling do not press hard on the tool using the holder and press. Ideally, the work should take place only under the weight of the tool itself. Depending on the composition of the walls, the presence of reinforcement and so on. Drilling time can vary considerably.

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