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How to drill a large diameter hole


How to drill a large diameter hole</a>

Sometimes to install ventilation and some other household systems in the apartment you need to make a sufficiently large hole in the concrete wall.

You can drill a hole of large diameter in concrete in several ways.

You will need

  • - drill-
  • - winning drills-
  • - punch-
  • - diamond crown-
  • - electric drill.



Examine the front of the upcoming works. It is necessary to know exactly the thickness of the wall in which the hole will be drilled. From this depends the choice of a drill and a special extension nozzle. Also find out the composition of the wall, its structure. Important drilling should not take place at the drilling site.


Prepare the instrument. The task of drilling a concrete wall can be solved in several ways. The most accessible, but not the most effective of them is the use of a perforator in combination with a simple drill with special attachments.


Using this method, make a setHoles along the circumference of the intended hole in the wall. Be careful - beware of reinforcement, which can damage the drill bit. Use a drill to drill the reinforcement structure.


Be careful - regularly inspect the place,Where the hole is made, on both sides to avoid unevenness and chipping. Pay attention to the obvious drawbacks of the punching method - labor intensity, low efficiency, often poor-quality results.


To quickly and accurately make a holeLarge diameter, prepare an electric drill with a diamond crown, which is a pipe. Attach one end of the crown to the instrument, and the second, with flat teeth, sprinkled with diamond crumb, set against the wall for subsequent drilling.


Start the drilling process. Check the effectiveness of water cooling. When drilling, do not press hard on the tool with the help of the holder and the press. Ideally, work should only take place under the weight of the instrument itself. Depending on the composition of the wall, the availability of reinforcement, etc., the drilling time may vary considerably.

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