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How to dress for the casting

How to dress for casting

To get the coveted role or work in the show, the presentation or the shooting, you need to go casting.

Success in this business to a large extent contributes to a properly selected image: clothes, hair, makeup.



podium model
If you want to be among the participants of the show,Wear something that emphasizes the advantages of your figure. Relevant version: tight jeans and tight T-shirt, straight skirt to mid-thigh and a simple jacket, a dress on a figure. Put matte body stockings. Put on pumps with high heels, but the boots and shoes with buckles undesirable. Be prepared for the fact that you may be asked to undress, so pick up a simple solid color set of clothes, of course, perfectly clean. It is appropriate to neutral makeup and a neat haircut with clean hair. It is possible to collect hair in a high bun or tail, get ready to dismiss them at the request of the recruiter. Do not forget to do manicures and pedicures uncoated or with a neutral varnish. Jewellery - especially bright accessories - are undesirable.


A model for the photo project or other activities
Try to learn as much as possible about the project,for participating in which you will compete. Well, if a recruiter you will announce the client's wishes regarding your appearance. Try to take into account the style and direction of the project in which you want to participate, with your figure should be clearly visible. It remains in force, and all other basic requirements of the preceding paragraph.


cast casting
For the role you are applying for,you need to learn more about the project and your potential character. In this profession, unlike the case of the model, external data by themselves do not mean as much as the ability to display an image. So if you manage to capture the attention of the director and remembered it, the chances of getting the coveted role of increased multiple times.

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