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How to dress for the road

How to dress for the road

For women, it is important to look attractive in any situation.

The long flight or a day in the train - not a reason to give up on their own appearance.

The more stylish way to easily create a road of the things that are already in the locker room.



Choose convenience. No matter what kind of vehicle you plan to travel, choose clothes that feel not only attractive, but also the most comfortable. For example, a classic cut jeans, a T-shirt and cotton cardigan or sweatshirts, depending on what kind of style do you prefer - classic or sports. Clothing should not be anywhere to reap another long road may turn into a real torture. Choose natural fabrics pleasant body: linen, cotton, wool. Also it is necessary to opt for a non-staining clothing colors: classic black, trendy or elegant burgundy ink.


Add the "flavor". Despite the fact that the image of travel should be as simple and concise, do not completely abandon accessories. Of course, jewelry or jewelry will look out of place, but a nice scarf or pashmina, long gloves, fashionable hat or hair dressing will give you the charm and help to look really stylish.


Keep feet. The best shoes for traveling - ballet flats or sneakers on a low steady heel or no. It is desirable that they are made of genuine leather: synthetic materials do not leak air, and therefore does not prevent sweating and discomfort, and suede, as well as textiles, too easy to get dirty and lose presentable appearance. It is not necessary to wear a new pair of shoes, otherwise you risk to rub his leg straight on the road. In any case, grab a water-repellent spray, shoe sponge - it will help to protect shoes from the weather and return it presentable. If you go on a journey in the cold season, do not forget to bring a pair of light shoes to wear on the plane or train.

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