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How to dress in the road


How to dress in the road</a>

It is very important for a woman to look attractive in any situation.

A long flight or a day in a train car is not an excuse to give up on your own appearance.

Especially stylish road image is easy to make up of the things already available in the wardrobe.



Choose convenience. Regardless of what type of transport you plan to travel, choose clothes in which you feel not only attractive, but also as comfortable as possible. For example, jeans of classic cut, a cotton vest and cardigan or Olympian, depending on which style is closest to you - classic or sporty. Clothing should not be harvested anywhere else, otherwise a long road can turn into a real torture. Choose natural fabrics pleasant to the body: linen, cotton, wool. Also worth making a choice in favor of clothing of non-primary colors: classic black, fashionable ink or elegant burgundy.


Add a "twist". Despite the fact that the image for travel should be as simple and concise as possible, do not completely abandon the accessories. Of course, jewelry or jewelry will look out of place, but a beautiful scarf or pashmina, long gloves, a fashionable hat or a hair band will give you the charm and help look really stylish.


Take care of your feet. The best shoes for travel - ballet shoes or moccasins on a low stable heel or without it at all. It is desirable that they were made of genuine leather: synthetic materials do not let air in, which means they can not avoid sweating and discomfort, and suede, like textiles, gets too dirty and loses a presentable appearance. Do not wear a new pair of shoes, otherwise you risk rubbing your foot right on the road. Just in case, grab a water repellent spray and a shoe sponge - this will help protect the shoes from the weather and give it a presentable look. If you go on a trip in the cold season, then do not forget to bring a pair of light shoes with you to put on an airplane or train.

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