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SONNIK: what does the snake dream about


Dream: what does the snake dream about</a>

The snake is a very complex symbol,Each culture considers it differently. This is probably due to the fact that on different continents and in different countries there are a variety of types of snakes: poisonous and non-toxic, harmless and dangerous.

And the interpretation of the dreamed snake has a wide range: for some cultures, it represents fear and terror, for others - pacification and wisdom.

What does the snake dream about: interpretations in different countries differ

For the countries of Asia and North America, the snakeSymbolizes wisdom. All because of the biological characteristics of snakes: from time to time the snakes shed their skin. For people it means renewal, the solution of important problems. For Christian states, a snake is a tempter, a temptation, a sin. This follows from the story of the first perfect sin: it was the snake that seduced Eve and Adam.

In real life, fear of snakes is by no meansFunny and far-fetched. Even a snake's picture can instill horror especially impressionable. And if another snake has dreamed, then for the snake that sees the snake does not promise something good.

What snakes are dreamed of in Vanga's opinion, her interpretation

If a snake crawls on the ground,Then he should beware of his enemies, for such a dream means a difficult confrontation. If before that your confrontation was hidden, now it will take an open character. If the dreamed snake is poisonous, it means that it will be difficult for you to "fight" with the enemy, most likely, you will not be able to win. And if, on the contrary, the dreamed snake is not poisonous, then you can easily overcome it. At the same time under the enemy and the enemy does not necessarily mean a specific person, it may be some kind of problem that requires solution.

Snake in a dream characterizes your environment: It is envious, evil. These people do not wish you anything good, just waiting for something negative to happen to you: illness, scrapping in your career and so on. Be careful in dealing with such people, in order to avoid aggravation of the situation. Be demanding of your friends and acquaintances.

If a snake bites in a dream, it means that inSoon you will be disappointed in a man from whom you could not even expect anything bad. If before this dream you noticed that your business is going very badly, your plans are breaking down, your personal life and career are not being arranged, then, think about it, and if it does not damage it? Besides, most likely, it was brought by a person close to you.

If the snake seen in a dream behaves peacefully,Sleeps, curled up in a ball, this does not mean that you do not have any problems. Simply your enemies become quiet, wait for the right moment to strike you.

If a snake strangles a person in a dream,Wait for the bad news. Perhaps this dream can be interpreted as the death of a loved one or someone you know. It will be very difficult to cope with such a burden, but you must be stronger than the situation. Protect loved ones, help them and take care. Perhaps you can prevent a big trouble.

A giant snake seen in a dream isA harbinger of a great problem, a catastrophe. To this situation, Vanga refers to the reign of Satan in the guise of a man. Here there will be chaos, poverty, disease, famine, the death of most of the world's population. But if this snake in a dream is killed and cast down, this means that the population will be able to assemble with spirit, the authority of the church will be restored, it will understand and correct its mistakes. And then Satan will retreat, realizing that mankind could defeat him with his kindness and mercy.

It is very difficult to interpret a dream with a snake,Since all this is individual. The main thing that you should pay attention to is your sensations, perception of the snake. If the snake in the dream was tame and affectionate, nothing bad happened, then, most likely, it does not carry bad news. If the snake in the dream was aggressive, rushed and bitten - prepare for bad news or situations.

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