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DREAM: what dreams snake

Dream Interpretation: dream to what the serpent

Snake is a very complex character,every culture sees it differently. This is due, perhaps, to the fact that on different continents and in different countries there are very different kinds of snakes poisonous and non-poisonous, harmless and dangerous.

So dreamed the snake interpretation is wide variation: for some cultures it represents fear and terror, for others - peace and wisdom.

Why dream of a snake: interpretations differ across countries

For Asian and North American snakeIt symbolizes wisdom. All due to the biological characteristics of snakes shed their skin from the time the snake time. For people as it means renewal, solving important problems. For the Christian states snake - is the tempter, the temptation to sin. It flows from this is the story of the first sin committed: it is the serpent seduced Eve and Adam.

In real life, the fear of snakes is not aridiculous and far-fetched. Even photo snake can strike terror particularly impressionable. And if he still dreamed of a snake, then who saw the snake for a dream does not promise anything good.

Why dream of a snake according to Vanga, her interpretation

If a man had a dream about a snake crawling on the ground,then he should beware of enemies, because the dream is a difficult confrontation. If your opposition to this was hidden, now it will open. If the dream of a poisonous snake, it means that you will be difficult to "fight" with the enemy, most likely, you will not win. And if, on the contrary, dreamed of a snake is not poisonous, you can beat him easily. Thus, under the enemy and the enemy does not necessarily mean a specific person, it could be some kind of problem to solve.

Snakes dream describes your environment: it is an evil, evil. These people do not wish to do you no good, just waiting for the same to happen to you something negative: disease, scrapped in career and so on. Be careful in dealing with people, in order to avoid worsening the situation. Be demanding of your friends and acquaintances.

If snake bites during sleep, it means thatSoon you will be disappointed in the person from whom you could not even expect anything bad. If, before this dream you've noticed that your things are going very badly, breaking down your plans, private life and career are not satisfied, then, think, not whether it is corruption? Moreover, most likely, it brought people close to you.

If seen by a snake in a dream behaves peacefully,sleeping, curled up into a ball, it does not mean that you do not have any problems. Just your enemies were silenced, waiting for the right moment to apply your kick.

If the snake smothers human dream, encircled it -wait for bad news. Perhaps this dream can be interpreted as a death or someone you know. It will be very difficult to cope with such a burden, but you have to be stronger than the situation. Protect the family, help them and care. Perhaps you can prevent a great disaster.

What he saw in a dream gigantic serpent - itharbinger of a big problem, disaster. For this situation, Wang considers the reign of Satan in human form. There will be chaos, poverty, disease, hunger, death of most of the world's population. But if this snake in a dream would be killed and to cast down, which means that the population will be able to gather the courage, restore the authority of the Church, understand and correct their mistakes. Then Satan will retreat, realizing that mankind has been able to beat him for his kindness and compassion.

The accuracy is very difficult to interpret a dream with a snake,since all individually. The main thing is to pay attention, because it is your feeling, the perception of a snake. If the snake has been manual and affectionate in his sleep, did not happen anything wrong, then most likely, it does not carry bad news. If the dream snake was aggressive, rushed, and bite - get ready for the bad news or situations.

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