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How to draw with watercolors


We draw with watercolors</a>

Watercolor is a paint that is diluted and easily washed off with water.

Watercolor has amazing properties, which give the drawings a special transparency.

The technique of drawing with watercolors requires certain skills and knowledge.

Artists working with watercolors can accurately determine the amount of water to obtain the desired shade.

You will need

  • Paper, brushes, watercolor paints, a tablet, a container for water, paper napkins.



Buy special paper for drawing with watercolor Paints, The texture of which will allow you to getThe best result. Paper can be smooth and textured in different densities. Thick paper is more expensive, since it is more resistant to water. Such a paper can be moistened and stretched on a tablet. If you need to get a grain in the picture - buy a rough paper.


You need to decide on the choice of brushes. The necessary brushes are round, flat, oval. A round brush will be your main tool. Used to apply large amounts of paint. It is convenient to wet a paper with a flat brush. Oval brush - for drawing details.


Now prepare two water tanks. In one you will wash the brush. You can also use paper napkins to remove excess paint from brushes.


Wet paper evenly moistened on the tablet and fix the sheet around the edges. As it dries, the sheet will take on a flat and strained appearance. And it will be so in the process of drawing.


Drawing can start on wet paper. This drawing technique has its own characteristics. Your tablet with a sheet of paper should be placed on a horizontal surface so that the paint does not have any streaks to the bottom. If the paper is too wet, pat dry with a tissue. Remove excess paint with a dry brush.


Apply the paint, lightly brushing the paper. Before applying a new brushstroke, let the previous smear dry. Start painting with watercolor Paints On top, before picking the color you need on the palette. The role of white paint is carried out by paper. Therefore, it is necessary to outline in advance the outlines of the future drawing.


Remember that it is the fluidity of the watercolor paint,Transparency and the merging of smears create the charm of watercolor technology. The smear should be wet, otherwise the movement of your brush will be visible. Try to determine in advance the tone of the picture you need. Do not compensate for the shade that suits you at the expense of the following strokes. The smear should be in the form of a stroke. When painting with strokes, try to capture the boundary of the previous smear. Thus, you will get a smooth transition from a smear to a smear. The dry brush will help to soften the edges of the transitions.


If you first started painting with watercolor Paints, Then first perform a one-color drawing, anyDark paint. In this case, this technique will help you find out what the paint color will be after drying. To get a cleaner tone, flush the brush more often.

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