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How to draw wings


How to draw wings</a>

For some reason, nature ordered that people are born without wings and can fly only with the help of various technical devices.

Perhaps this is exactly what can explain the interest of many artists and illustrators to depict wings.

The wings are different in shape and structure, but almost all of them can be divided into three large groups - the bird's wing, the insect's wing and the wing of the bat.



Before drawing, study the anatomy of the wing. If you are drawing a bird's wing, consider carefully the structure of the bird's skeleton. It is similar in all birds - small or large, proportions will vary. The outlines of the wing are set by long feathers, small feathers cover the feather from above.
To draw a wing of a bird, first markLine of the skeleton. Then one by one, start drawing the layers of feathers, from the shortest to the longest. Then work out the small details - draw grooves on the feathers, additional small feathers that add a realistic wing.


If you draw a bat wing, then here tooStart with the building. Bats, like people, are mammals, so the structure of their wings will be something remotely reminiscent of a human hand.
Draw the base of the wing from the shoulder joint toFingertips. Give it the shape that the wing will take later. By the way, unlike human, the fingers of the bat will never be fully straightened.
On the planned lines of the joints, draw a webbed wing. Add to your fingers and claw a bit of volume and shadows.
The ability to draw such a wing will help you learn how to draw, for example, dragon wings.


To draw a wing of a butterfly or any otherAn insect, see some photos with such wings. You will notice that these wings have a lot of veins and look like a leaf of a plant, if you look through it to the light. Mark the general outlines of the wing, divide by a pair of guide lines and draw thin lines in the streaks.
If you draw a butterfly, then add on the wingPatterns and drawings, and then paint in bright colors. In addition, if you draw a butterfly wing close up, do not forget to depict the scales that cover the wing.

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