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How to draw trees watercolor

How to Draw Trees watercolor

Catching up with the children drawing, parents often face the problem that they do not know how to draw this or that subject.

For example, how to draw trees with watercolors, that they are most similar to natural.

Usually, children draw a tree rather primitive, but you can show them some simple techniques that will help them in the future to develop further.



So, to spend with the child a lesson titled "Drawing the tree colors", first self-study techniques described below.
Wood always start painting from the ground. Wrong start drawing from the tree trunk. Earth he needs as well as the head need neck. Draw is not a smooth lawn, and more relief rocky ground, rocky with traced lines. Use deep clean colors, not too dilute them so as not to give the paint transparency.


Next, draw a trunk in the form of a conventional curvedline. To do this, use a broad brush and brown ink. More subtle touches add a few skeletal branches. In consequence, they will serve you as a basis for the tree crown. Remember that coniferous trees should have a straight trunk and its main branches - bow down to the ground. Branches thicker, so they are lower.


If you decide to paint the birch, first drawone trunk in the form of a slingshot, with two main branches, or two adjacent barrel. There have trunks will be more flexible than in the first case. Their end of the guide inside. Such trees draw fewer branches, but the crown later you will need to make lush.


Then proceed to drawing the branches. To do this, take a thin brush and start drawing with the thinnest branches. Do not forget that the branches of deciduous trees grow up. Remember that the more carefully you will work base of the tree, the easier it will then draw the crown.


Do not forget that deciduous trees They have a dense crown and light than conifers. Take a thick brush again, type it necessary shade of green paint (depending on the type of wood) and fill in all the gaps between the branches. If watercolor, you are using has a translucent structure imposed by a coat of paint directly on top of the branches. The main thing, always wait until the previous layer of paint is completely dry.


Now, to make the wood volume, and notflat, make the crown more colorful. To do this, mix the brown color with a green and a bit of shade the outline of the crown. After that, a mixture of green and yellow colors walk around the center of the crown.

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