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How to draw traffic

How to draw traffic

The learning process begins with drawing mining equipment on a solid object.

Therefore, each student waiting for? Not wait for the moment when it will be possible to switch from still life to endless reality that surrounds us.

Namely ? a man painting in motion.

You will need

  • - Simple pencil
  • - eraser
  • - model



In this case, can not do without live models. Only after many years of training, you can only with the help of imagination and human hinge model paint dynamics. In the meantime, you need to attract friends who are ready to pose for you. In addition, it is possible (and very helpful) to observe moving objects in the streets, in cafes, parks, etc. Even if you do not have time to paint them, then, at least, are gradually remember the laws of human body movement.


Let us form a guest model. Begin to draw a fixed figure of a man. Build it schematically, paying special attention to the proportions of the body. As measuring steps generally use the height of the head. The growth of the average person is seven and a half - eight goals ?. On the distance from head to groin out four of them. From the chin to the tips of the fingers? 3.7. The width of a man's shoulders is two such measurements, and women? half. From the foot to the knee should be postponed two? Head ?.


Outlining these segments range, selectspace joint points, i.e. knees, hands, elbows, etc. ? these are the points that determine the position of the body parts during movement and help the artist to not lose ratio.


Then ask your model to move a minute or two. For example, to take place. At some point, she forgets that poses and movement becomes natural. It was then that it should freeze.


Move the position of the hands, legs, back, head onscheme, you have made previously. For example, to draw a bent at the elbow, the position of the elbow joint should be left in the same place, and put off the parallel section of the floor from him? forearm and wrist. Do not focus on the accuracy of proportions at the first draft. Here the main thing? to convey the emotion of movement, its feature. When the goal is achieved, you can specify the aspect ratio.


Now built over a schematic little man moving his real shape, given the particular shape of the model. Thereafter, auxiliary construction lines can be erased.


It's time to work out the details. If any movement some muscles are tense, the other? relaxed. Keep this in mind when you mark the form and texture of the moving object. Also do not forget about the clothes: it produced the characteristic folds and fractures, it is their accurate portrayal will give the whole picture of the credibility and image movement? naturalness.

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