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How to Draw Motion


How to Draw Motion</a>

The process of teaching drawing begins with working out the technique on fixed objects.

Therefore, each student is waiting for him, he will not wait for the moment when he will be able to switch from the endless still-lifes to the reality that surrounds us.

Namely ? To drawing a person in motion.

You will need

  • - a simple pencil
  • - eraser
  • - model



In this case, you can not do without living models. Only after many years of training you can only draw the dynamics with the help of the imagination and the hinge model of the person. In the meantime, you need to attract friends ready to pose for you. In addition, it is possible (and very useful) to observe moving objects on the streets, in cafes, parks, etc. Even if you do not have time to draw them, then at least gradually remember the patterns of movement of the human body.


Let's stop on the variant with the invited model. Begin drawing with a fixed figure of a person. Construct it schematically, paying special attention to the proportions of the trunk. As a measure of measurement, as a rule, the height of the head is used. The growth of the average person is seven and a half - eight? Heads ?. At a distance from the crown to the groin area, four of them go. From the chin to the fingertips? 3.7. The width of the shoulders of an adult man is two such measurements, and women? And a half. From the foot to the knee, you need to put two heads together.


Having planned all these distances by segments, selectPoints of joints; Knees, brushes, elbows, etc. ? These are the points that determine the position of body parts during the movement and help the artist not to lose the proportion.


Then ask your model to move a minute or two. For example, go to the site. At some point, she will forget that she is posing, and the movement will become natural. Then it must stop.


Move the position of the arms, legs, back, head toThe scheme that you compiled earlier. For example, to draw an arm bent at the elbow, the position of the elbow joint should be left in the same place, and from it lay the parallel to the floor segment? Forearm and hand. Do not focus on the accuracy of the proportions when you first sketch. Is it important here? To convey the emotion of movement, its peculiarity. When the goal is achieved, you can specify the proportions.


Now build on the schematic moving man his real outlines, taking into account the features of the figure of the model. After that, the auxiliary construction lines can be erased.


It's time to work on the details. With any movement, some muscles are tense, others? Relaxed. Consider this when you designate the shape and texture of a moving object. Also do not forget about clothes: on it characteristic folds and kinks are formed, it is their exact drawing that will give the whole picture credibility, and the movement shown? Naturalness.

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