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How to draw the emblem of Russia


The State Emblem of Russia in the form in which we are accustomed to see it, was approved in 1993.

It depicts a golden two-headed eagle holding a scepter and power. Over the head of the eagle there are three crowns, and on his chest - a rider, piercing a lance snake.

The coat of arms is placed on a red heraldic shield.

He, along with the flag and the anthem, refers to the symbols of Russia.

You will need

  • - a picture with the emblem of Russia-
  • - paper-
  • - Colour pencils.



Find on the Internet coat of arms Russia. Save the image or print it on the color printer as a sample.


Start drawing coat of arms From its central part - a rider, piercingThe spear of a snake. Note that the rider is deployed from left to right (for the viewer). Draw a black pencil outline of the rider and horse. The left hand of the rider, holding the horse by the harness, is hidden from the viewer, in the right there is a long spear piercing the body of the serpent. The left foot of the rider is also hidden, the right one is in the stirrup.


Draw the legs of the horse so that it can be seen that it is in motion: the left front image is bent and raised, the right front - elongated. Hind legs apart.


The rider himself, as well as his spear and horse, do not paint, but only mark the shadows on them. It is understood that they are silver. Waving cloak horseman paint in blue.


At the hoofs of the horse draw a black pencil overturned on the back of a snake. The head should be under the front right hoof, the tail - under the rear right. Shade the snake in black.


Around the figures depicted in red pencilDraw a small heraldic shield. It has the form of a quadrilateral with rounded lower edges and a sharpening at the bottom. Paint the inner space of the shield in red.


In yellow pencil draw a two-headed eagle. It is understood that it is golden. Arrange the eagle so that a small heraldic shield is on his chest.


Wings of the eagle draw wide,Designate 3 rows of feathers on them. In the right (for the viewer) eagle's paw, place the scepter, in the left - the power. When drawing a tail, pay attention to the fact that it is large enough and is about 2/3 of the wings in size. Head the eagles with open eyes and beaks, from which the tongues protrude.


Over the heads of the eagles, draw a small golden crown. In the middle, slightly above the small crowns, arrange a large crown. Connect all crowns with a gold ribbon with bifurcated ends.


Around the two-headed eagle draw a contour of a large red heraldic shield. Paint it from the inside.

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