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How to Draw a Military


How to Draw a Military</a>

The military's drawing is always popular and invariablyAttracts the attention of others. The portrait can depict a military man of different times, and the viewer can look with interest at his uniform and carry it in historical times.

The military uniform is a sign of a distant and near epoch, and its awards demonstrate the combat path that was passed by its owner.

Great importance in the portrait has a military face, which can express his determination, courage and courage.

You will need

  • Canvas for drawing, drawing accessories (pencils, paints).



Before you start drawing a military,It is necessary to inquire about the history of that era, to look at books on history and illustrations for military archives. As a prototype, you can use photos, sketches. In addition, it is necessary to decide which military grade you will be representing.


Determine whether it will be everyday orA ceremonial portrait. In the first case, you can get by with usual stripes and epaulettes. In the second case on the front portrait there should be orders, medals and weapons. If you do not have very good drawing skills, it's better to focus on everyday military clothing.


Schedule a plan for the drawing and draw out the contours of the future military.


Draw the most important contours of the face, trying to convey a facial expression appropriate to the situation and time.


If you draw a military man in parade uniform, then do not forget about his rewards. Carefully study how the orders and medals of that time look and draw them carefully.

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