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How to draw a cheekbone


How to draw a cheekbone</a>

Practically any woman who uses make-up, knows that with the help of make-up it's easy to adjust the shape of the chin, nose, lips and even eyes.

However, not everyone knows how much the right cheekbones can change the face.

You will need

  • Blush, foundation, powder, brush, mirror.



Competently underlined cheekbones make the face oval more noble. In order to draw them, you will need a foundation, powder and blush.


Before applying makeup, useA voice-frequency cream: it will help to level a complexion and hide faults. Then apply powder, friable or compact. The best is for this purpose a wide brush, and not a sponge - so the powder will lie evenly. Apply blush after eye make-up, but before using lipstick.


In order to determine the area of ​​your cheekbones,Approach the mirror and smile broadly. Your smile will help to highlight their outline. You can also draw in cheeks - the method of searching for the desired zone does not matter.


To highlight the cheekbones, use a foundation orPowder, which will be a few shades darker than the one you use for normal makeup. In some cases, you can even use eye shadow.


To highlight the cheekbones, use a cosmeticBrush with bevelled edge. With the help of powder of a darker shade, draw a line under the cheekbone. Keep the line from ear to the middle of the face, and after that slightly round it at the temple. Then take a round brush, which you apply powder, and shade the drawn line. You can also apply blush to refresh your face. To do this, use the brush on the most protruding part of the cheeks (use not bright, but barely noticeable tones). After that, go through the brush again with a powder all over your face to mix all the colors.


Recently, the greatest popularity of steelUse creamy blush: they are more resistant. If you use just such, remember that they need to be applied after a foundation, but before using powder. Cheeks in this case is best emphasized with a darker foundation.

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