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How to draw a cheekbone

Almost any woman who enjoys decorative cosmetics, knows that with makeup can easily adjust the shape of the chin, nose, lips and even the eyes.

However, not everyone knows how much can change the face properly marked cheekbones.

You will need

  • blush, concealer, powder, brush, mirror.



Properly accentuated cheekbones make the facial contours more noble. To draw them, you need a foundation, powder and blush.


Before you apply makeup, usefoundation cream: it will help align the complexion and hide flaws. Then apply powder, loose or compact. It is best suited for this broad brush, sponge and not - so powder will fall more smoothly. Apply blush necessary after eye makeup, but to use lipstick.


In order to define the scope of your cheekbones,go to the mirror and smile widely. Your smile will help to determine their outlines. You can also drag the cheek - the desired area search method does not matter.


To highlight the cheekbones, use concealer orpowder, which is a few shades darker than the one you are using in the normal make-up. In some cases, you can use eye shadow.


To highlight cheekbones cosmetic usebrush with a beveled edge. With a darker shade of powder, draw a line under the cheekbone. Keep a line from the ear to the middle of the face, and then round off a little of her at the temple. Then take a round brush, which you apply the powder, and blend to draw a line. You can also apply blush to refresh the face. To do this, go brush at the protruding portion of the cheeks (not use bright and subtle colors). Then again walk with the brush powder over the entire face to blend all the colors.


Recently, the most popular steelusing creamy blush: they are more resistant. If you use just such, remember that they must be applied after foundation, but before using the powder. Cheeks in this case it is best to emphasize the dark bole creams.

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