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How to draw Bob Sponge stages

How to draw Bob Sponge stages

SpongeBob - a favorite character of many children.

This glorious hero lives on the ocean floor and pleasing their children in a positive and beautiful life attitude.

It is not surprising that many kids want to paint Sponge Bob, but it turns out not all.

You can help their child and go with him this simple step by step tutorial.



Drawing the original contours. Enough to portray the three curved lines that define the initial position of the body of our hero. Draw it lightly bouncing. To do this you need to draw a line diagonally. If you want to draw it to stand straight, you have enough, and two vertical lines.


Defining the square. Add waviness original lines. Since our character - a sponge, its contours simply can not be smooth. But the lower part must be strict, as that is where is his square pants. Do not forget to draw the approximate location of the feet and hands of our character.


Add details. Draw sponge limbs. Note that the hands are not placed on the suit, and on his head. Drawing shoes, not delve much into the details. In the final part of their all still have to paint the black.


Draw two large eyes, nose and mouth. Note that near the corners of the mouth, our hero has a dimple volume. Also at this stage it is necessary to detail the suit and limbs. Draw the fingers, trouser legs and sleeves.


Dark color paint porous dimples on the bodySponge Bob. Add additional items of clothing such as socks and tie. Draw a tongue and two large teeth. After that you can start coloring.

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