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How to draw Sponge Bob

how to draw sponge bob

Cheerful and kind cartoon about Sponge Bob for several years now pleases not only children but even adults.

Many people wonder how to draw Sponge Bob Square Pants pencil stages.



To draw SpongeBob, you need to just abovePlate center to draw a rectangle and divide it in half by a vertical line. Draw a line of the eyes and mouth within the rectangle as shown. Add circle shirt sleeves, legs and ovals botinochek line.


Add Sponge Bob large round eyes with sparse eyelashes, nose in the form of sausages and round protruding cheeks.


Draw a big open mouth, where you can see thelanguage and under the upper lip two big square teeth. The semicircular dash will need to highlight the chin Sponge Bob. Also, do not forget to add a dash at the corners of his mouth laughing and point-freckles on her cheeks.


To draw the bulk Sponge Bob you needvisually separated from the top two-thirds of the base of the rectangle draw wavy square, rectangle and sideways at an angle, as shown. Add to drawing small circles, simulating a hole in the sponge. Do not go beyond the boundaries surround the square or hit the mouth, eyes and nose.


Doris Sponge Bob hands hidden behind clothing items. Main picture detail - of course, tie.


Make the legs thicker, adding close to the line of another strip foundations. Add boots and remaining items of clothing.


To draw a beautiful and bright Sponge Bob, the main circle line thick pencil. Complete step by step drawing, adding bright colors in it.

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