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How to draw site

How to draw site

The creation of a website is very important stage of drawing the design of pages, which will subsequently be up and running and published online.

In this article you will learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to draw a competent layout for the site on which you can subsequently generate more complex layouts.

You will need

  • - The program Adobe Photoshop



Create a new Photoshop file (Ctrl + N) with dimensions 1040h1400 where in 1400? this height. Enable the rulers (Ctrl + R) and install the settings in line pixels as the unit of measurement.


Start pulling the guides so that theyconform to the boundaries of the layout blocks. Side stretch the boundaries so that the left edge to 40 pixels. The upper and lower limits are also required to leave by 40 pixels on each side of the borders and background.


Then select the guide, which will be the width of the top hat? 200 pixels down from the top border background.


To create the sidebars on the left and right side of the layout, set the guides 240 pixels from the background to the left border, and 800 on the right.


Back down to 5 pixels into the left and right sidebar and spend another two vertical guides. Then draw two more guides on the left and 245 pixels to 795 on the right.


Now, measure from the border caps 30 pixels and draw a horizontal guide for horizontal menu.


Select the rectangular selections by pressing the M narrow area of ​​the horizontal menu, you have just outlined. Select the fill tool and fill the area of ​​a neutral light gray.


Select the fill tool and fill the areaa neutral light gray. Click on the menu? Isolation-Modification-Compression ?, select option 1 pixel and press? OK ?. Fill the area lighter shade of gray? you will have the menu frame.


Create a new layer and choose a suitable image for the icon or the website's logo, and then open it.


Insert a new layer in the cap image by placing it on the left edge. To the right of the image register with any font text site title.


Blocks site is made in the same colors as the newly established cap. Select the area of ​​the left sidebar and spend it the same operations for filling the two colors as a menu block.


Do the same with the central wide content block. Copy the layer with the left sidebar and place it in a right sidebar.


Add text to your layout? select neutral font and enter the menu headers, examples of news, photos, section tags and links.


Complete design layout creation? Cellar? or footer? there list the copyrights and their contacts.

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