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How to draw Sasuke

How to draw Sasuke

Passion for Japanese anime cartoons today is becoming more and more fans.

Many dream to learn to paint in the style of anime,to create their own comic strips and cartoons, but even more fans of the genre wants to learn how to draw your favorite characters animated features and TV series. Knowing the basic principles of drawing anime characters, not so difficult to draw any cartoon character.

You will need a pencil, a sheet of paper and the image of the hero, which you will take as a model? for example, Sasuke.



Start with the element that distinguishesanime characters from any other? with prominent and expressive eyes. Draw a slightly curving eyebrows and turn away from them down the centimeter. On the indent level of a stroke. This feature will be the lower boundary of the eye.


In the space formed below the eyebrows and lower draw round the eyes, inside of which draw poluovaly pupils with small circles-patches of light.


Around the eyes, draw a straight proportionala circle ? top of the head. From the sides of the circle draw two lines inclined towards each other down. Finish line of the chin. You have turned a tapered face? now the auxiliary lines can be erased. Draw a nose in a little corner.


Roth, you can draw in different ways, depending on the emotional state of the character. You can paint the bottom, just stepping back from the nose, a short dash, and under it? point.


Go to the drawing hairstyles. Draw a long ragged locks of hair on the sides, a short fringe and tousled hair back.


Go to the drawing of the body? make it an elegant, tapered at the waist. DORIS line of the shoulders, arms and hands. Legs picture the way that your character is standing, one foot down his back. To this end, one leg slightly longer than the draw, with the toe of the viewer, and the other is shorter, deployed to the side.

Doris character costume and paint it to match the original.

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