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How to draw a Sasuke


How to draw a Sasuke</a>

The fascination with Japanese animated cartoons anime is now gaining more and more fans.

Many dream to learn how to draw in the style of anime,To create their own comics and cartoons, but even more fans of the genre dreams of learning how to draw the characters of your favorite full-length cartoons and serials. Knowing the basic principles of drawing anime heroes, it's not so difficult to draw any cartoon character.

Do you need a pencil, a sheet of paper, and an image of the hero that you take as a model? For example, Sasuke.



Start with the element that distinguishesAnime characters from any others? With prominent and expressive eyes. Draw slightly curved eyebrows and back away from them down a centimeter. At the indent level, draw a line. This feature will be the bottom border of the eyes.


In the space formed by the eyebrows and the bottom line, draw round eyes, inside of which draw poluovaly pupils with small circles-glare.


Around the eyes draw an even proportiona circle ? The upper part of the head. From the sides of the circle, draw two inclined lines, directed downward towards each other. Finish them with a chin line. Did you get a conical face? Now the auxiliary lines can be erased. Draw a nose in the form of a small corner.


You can draw the mouth in different ways, depending on the emotional background of the character. It is possible to draw a short dash below, just a little from the nose, and under it? Point.


Proceed to drawing a hairdress. Draw long torn strands of hair along the sides, a short bang and ruffled hair from behind.


Are you going to draw a torso? Make it elegant, tapering at the waist. Draw a line of shoulders, hands and palms. Feet your legs so that your character stands, one leg back. To do this, draw one leg a little longer, with the toe on the viewer, and the other shorter, unfolded to the side.

Draw a character's costume and color it according to the original.

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