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How to draw a ribbon


How to draw a ribbon</a>

The ability to draw different ribbons and bows can be a very useful skill.

Most often it is necessary when drawing elegant dolls and princesses.

Also, without her ribbons, heraldic themes-arms, orders, medals, honorary diplomas and letters, are unthinkable.

Most often depicted shiny satin ribbons, tied with a bow or freely fluttering.

Tapes can be monochrome or multicolored (most often three colors are used that carry a special symbolic meaning).

You will need

  • - drawing paper-
  • - a pencil-
  • - eraser-
  • - colored pencils / paints and a brush.



Free flowing ribbon depictin the following way. First draw a wavy line - it can be arbitrary, but you should initially have an idea of ​​how the ribbon will fit into your drawing. The drawn line must transfer the movement of the ribbon.


Then draw a second line parallel to the first, at a distance equal to the width of the ribbon. Usually tricolor ribbons are quite wide. Repeat the movement of the first line.


In places where lines make turns, imitatingBends of the tape, connect the wavy lines to the straight lines perpendicular to them. At the ends of the tape, these connecting pieces may not be perpendicular, but go at an angle of 45 degrees or generally be V-shaped, as sometimes cut off the ends of the ribbons.


Gently rub the eraser lines that are on the overlapping sections of the tape. Taper the ends of the ribbon, giving them a slight natural bend.


A ribbon tied in a bow, start drawing from the knot- a rectangle that needs to be given an uneven, soft shape. On the sides of the node, draw the wings of the bow, drawn on the basis of simpler figures - triangles, the corners of which must also be rounded off.


Draw a soft ribbon bend, show the depth andVolume of the wings of the bow. In the center, close to the knot, the tape is very compressed, so draw out the dash-shaped dashes from the knot. The wings of the bow can be several - such a bow will resemble a lush flower.


Below the knot, depict the dangling ends of the ribbon, which can also be straight, or beveled, or V-shaped. Draw the same wrinkles as on the wings.


When painting a tape, be aware that itMust have a satin shine. You can give it a sharp glare - strongly highlighted areas. Glare are located on the bends of the tape, which are in the foreground.


Parts of the tape that are located behind or insideCurved sections, on the contrary, need to be darkened. Shade also the folds of the ribbon tied with a bow. Pencil strokes or brush strokes paint on the shape of the tape, making smooth transitions from light to dark. In places of glare, leave white paper.


To paint a three-color ribbon, divide itIn width in three parts. Pass along the entire tape two lines parallel to its upper edge. When painting, do not forget the glare and shadows for each color, but at the same time keep the integrity of the entire ribbon.

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