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How to draw ribbon

How to draw ribbon

The ability to draw a variety of ribbons and bows can be a very useful skill.

Most often it is needed when drawing elegant dolls and princesses.

It is also inconceivable without ribbons heraldic symbols - emblems, orders, medals, diplomas and certificates.

Most often portrayed shiny satin ribbon, tied with bow or fluttering freely.

Tapes can be one-color or multi-color (most commonly used three colors that carry special symbolic meaning).

You will need

  • - Paper risovaniya-
  • - karandash-
  • - lastik-
  • - Crayons / paints and a brush.



Available fluttering ribbon depictin the following way. First, draw a wavy line - it may be arbitrary, but you should initially have an idea of ​​how the ribbon will be located on your figure. The drawn line should pass the motion ribbons.


Then draw a second line parallel to the first, at a distance equal to the width of the ribbons. Typically tricolor ribbons are wide enough. Completely repeat the movement of the first line.


In places where the line makes a turn, simulatingbends the tape, connect the wavy lines perpendicular to them straight lines. At the ends of these connecting segments tape may not be perpendicular, and go under the angle of 45 degrees or be generally V-shaped, as is sometimes the ends are cut ribbons.


Gently erase eraser lines that are on the overlapping portions of the tape. Tweak the ends of the ribbon, giving them a slight natural curve.


Ribbon tied in a bow, start drawing from the node- A rectangle, which should be given a soft uneven shape. On each side of the node pririsuyte wings bow drawn on the basis of a simple shapes - triangles, angles are needed, too much rounded.


Draw a gentle curve ribbon, show the depth andvolume bow wings. In the center, close to the site, the tape very short, so draw a radially extending from the dash assembly, depicting the folds. Wings at the bow can be a few - a bow will resemble a lush flower.


Beneath the picture a knot hanging ends of the tape, which can be both direct and oblique, or V-shaped cut. Draw the same folds as well as on the wings.


When coloring tapes, keep in mind that itIt should have a satin sheen. Give it can be harsh glare - strongly highlights areas. Glare bending arranged tapes that are in the foreground.


Parts of the tape at the back or insidecurved portions, conversely, it is necessary to darken. Obscuring also folds ribbon tied bow. Pencil strokes or dabs paint is applied on the belt-shaped, making smooth transitions from light to dark. In places glare leave the white paper.


, Divide it to colorize a tricolor ribbonthe width of three parts. Draw a line parallel to the top edge along the entire tape. When coloring remember from glare and shadows for each color, but at the same time preserving the integrity of the entire ribbon.

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