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How to draw paints on glass


How to draw paints on glass</a>

Learning to figure on the glass is better to start with working on a flat piece of glass. A bulky object such as a glass or glass requires more skill and preparation.

The technique of drawing on glass is similar to the technique of watercolor.



Draw a sketch of the future drawing in naturalValue on paper. Drawing in color is optional, but it is necessary to represent the general picture at least in the head. If you are not sure of the compatibility of colors, draw on paper in color.


Wipe the glass with a solvent. Any one, from "White Spirit" to a liquid for removing nail polish, will do. This is necessary for degreasing the glass.


Put the picture under the glass and takeContour-paint for glass. You can use also nozzles for contours, with their help you thin out lines. Put your hands on the table or stand and, pressing on the tube, go through all the contours of the drawing, transferring it from the paper to the glass. If you do not have artistic experience, at first the lines will be uneven, the width will constantly walk. The nose of the tube can touch the glass or be a millimeter away from it, as you like.


Remove the sketch and look at the picture on the glass. Correct if you do not like something. Superfluous can be removed with the tip of the knife after drying. Add the necessary elements, leading the contour to Glass.


After the final layer of the contour has completely dried, take a brush, palette, paint and water. To rinse the brushes, take a solvent.


Paint by Glass Is applied with one uniform layer. The brush should not leave "dry" smears, constantly fill the hair with paint. Constantly check work on the lumen. In paint on Glass Often there are "holes" that need to be covered.


After complete drying of the paint, remove the glass in the frame.

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