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How to paint on nails gel pens

Nail design today has become much more popular,than ever before - more and more women are paying attention to the state of their nails and their beauty. In addition to the usual manicure monochrome become increasingly popular design painted on the surface of the nail, but in beauty salons such painting is a lot, and many girls dream to learn how to create such a manicure at home.

For painting on your nails, you can use ordinary gel pens, which, oddly enough, are perfectly suited for this purpose, creating a delicate and fine lines.



Purchase a set of colored gel pens -You will need a regular pen and pen metallic colors. Find a suitable pattern for painting nails on the Internet and try to repeat them on paper, and then boldly go to the nails.


Usually paintings gel handles fit patterns of thin and fine lines - webs intersecting strips, and more. For starters cover the nail right color varnish in two layers and wait until the paint dries.


Without waiting for the final drying, takegel pen and carefully repeat the pattern on the nail, chosen for manicure. If any line has turned out a failure, you can quickly delete it and redraw the pattern again.


Additionally, you can vary the pattern of silver or gold gel handles - a manicure will look spectacular and beautiful. Despite the limited color palette, you can create an unusual painting on nailsAs even the most stylish designs usually consist of no more than three primary colors.


Draw a pattern and its elements in turn toeach of their nails. A bit dry nails, and then cover them with a colorless transparent varnish, which will consolidate the drawing and will not allow him to wear off and smeared.

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