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How to draw on sneakers


How to draw on sneakers.</a>

Kedy - shoes, which combines two important qualities.

It is convenient and cheap.

And, in addition, you can make this detail of your outfit exclusive.

On the white parts of the sneakers, you can draw almost anything - everything that you have enough imagination. And our comfortable functional footwear becomes a way of self-expression.

It's beautiful and much cheaper than the design models of the latest collections.

You will need

  • Keds, paints (acrylic), pencil, stencil, iron, texture paste, thinners, thickeners and varnishes.



Choose a sketch and put it barely noticeable on the sneakers. If you are not strong in drawing, but want creativity, use a stencil.


Take acrylic paints and paint your masterpiece of painting on Sneakers.


Depending on what effect you wantTo achieve, you can use varnishes, thinners or thickeners, designed specifically for acrylic. Also, in order to make the figure embossed, you can use a texture paste.


Dry the sneakers. Acrylic on average dries not very long, only 2-3 hours. If you used extra funds, sneakers can dry longer.


For greater reliability, the pattern can be secured by ironing it.

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