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How to draw on sneakers

How to draw on sneakers.

Sneakers - shoes that combines two important qualities.

It is convenient and cheap.

And besides, this part of your outfit, you can make exclusive.

On the white parts of sneakers can draw almost anything - all that you have enough imagination. And our convenient functional shoes becomes a way of self-expression.

It is beautiful and much cheaper than the design model of the latest collections.

You will need

  • Sneakers, paint (acrylic), pencil, stencil, iron, textured pasta, thinners, thickeners and varnishes.



Select the sketch and apply it subtly on sneakers. If you are not good at drawing, but the thirst for creativity, use a stencil.


Take acrylic paint and paint your masterpiece painting on sneakers.


Depending on what effect you wantto achieve, you can use paints, thinners or thickeners are designed specifically for acrylic. Also, in order to make the embossed pattern, it is possible to use textured paste.


Dry the shoes. Acrylic dries on average not very long, only 2-3 hours. If you have used additional funds, sneakers are dry longer.


For greater reliability, image can be fixed by ironing his iron.

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